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Dr. John Skretta

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Superintendent, Norris District, Firth, NE

Hello from the Husker State! I am Dr. John Skretta, school district superintendent for the Norris District in Firth, Nebraska, just outside of Lincoln.  It was in Lincoln that I pursued my college degrees, including obtaining a doctorate in education, and I have been a school administrator for over a decade now. The area encompassed by the district in which I work has a strong agricultural heritage and has also become increasingly suburbanized over the last decade with acreage and neighborhood development south of the state’s capital city.  We have a combination of crop and livestock farming in our district’s region, and a major dairy operation, too.  Our district contains a mix of rural and cosmopolitan influences and has a unique culture that reflects these confluences. 

Our schools have become recognized state leaders in physical activity and student nutrition, and we have been a partner in Farm To School and Fuel Up To Play 60 programs in Nebraska.  As our district adopted a state-mandated student health policy several years ago, I became increasingly personally interested in the notion that students’ physical activity and overall health bears a strong correlation to how they perform academically.  I am both an educator and a parent of four growing and active boys, so I can personally vouch for the powerful effects of proper nutrition and physical activity – on the home front and in the classroom.

I am thrilled to be able to serve as a member of Midwest Dairy’s Health and Wellness Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council has equipped me with a growing understanding of the extensive research support behind what I knew intuitively all along as an educator: that proper nutrition and physical activity are essential precursors to academic success and that quality dairy products, whether the string cheese or the skim milk or the yogurt or any one of a number of other great dairy foods we serve in our school food service program, provide essential nutrients to aid hungry learners.

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