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Dairy farming is the way of life for the Atteberry family who owns and operates Atteberry Dairy, LLC, located in Conway, Missouri. For the husband-and-wife duo, of Jeff and Sheri Atteberry, there is simply no better place to raise their family then on their 160-cow dairy farm. “Watching the sun rise and set, being able to teach your kids a good work ethic, watching baby calves take their first steps and grow to produce a healthy product for others to enjoy is overwhelmingly rewarding,” says Sheri.

The Missouri family purchased their dairy farm 10 years ago, after leasing it for a couple years prior to that. In 2001, they started milking 30 cows at their newly purchased farm, which only had one small hay barn, an old milk barn and several wooded acres. The young family envisioned their dairy farm being run from this location successfully and put much time and energy renovating it.  They added three new barns, replaced all of the fences, cleared the woods for pasture and remodeled the milk barn and went from milking 30 to 160 cows twice a day.

Atteberry Dairy Farm’s mission statement is to have healthy cattle, produce a product that is safe, wholesome and of high quality for the family, as well as for the consumer to enjoy while properly caring for their animals, as well as their land. They are able to make their enterprise successful by putting put their mission into action ensuring their cows’ health and well-being is a top priority. “We pay close attention to the health and wellness of our cows and properly address any health issues,” says Sheri.

Their cows graze luscious green pastures all year long. “Our cows are our livelihood and they depend on us for their care, just like we depend of them to care for us. They are living animals that deserve the best care possible.”

Jeff and Sheri also make family a top priority and are teaching life lessons to their two daughters - Ashton, 14, and Alexis, 12 - who each received a loan to purchase five cows a few years ago. The teenager daughters now receive their own milk checks from their cows’ milk production, allowing them to earn money and learn the responsibilities of caring for their animals. It also teaches them more about the cost associated with owning cattle, such as feed, veterinary costs, etc. “It teaches them the value of money and lessons that will carry with them for a lifetime,” says Sheri.

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Karen Bohnert

Hi, I’m Karen Bohnert of Bohnert Jerseys located in the Illinois Quad Cities area. I am a mom, dairy farmer’s wife and dairy enthusiast – through and through. My pride and passion for each of these roles could fill a barn!

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