Midwest Dairy Association

State Fairs

For Midwest farm families, state fairs are more than fun rides and food on a stick. Fair season is about connecting with other families and sharing their passion for dairy and agriculture. We invite you to connect with dairy farm families across the Midwest at your local fair.

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Dairy Princesses

The dairy princesses who serve in their respective state’s princess program act as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry, representing their state’s dairy farmers.

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Schools & Community

Schools are an ideal place for youth to learn about and practice good nutrition. And research supports that a well nourished child is ready to learn. Midwest Dairy Council, an affiliate of National Dairy Council and the nutrition education division of Midwest Dairy Association, has been dedicated to child nutrition for more than 95 years.

And Midwest Dairy Association, which works on behalf of more than 9,100 dairy farm families across 10 Midwestern states, is also active in and a vital part of our communities. Dairy farmers are local small business owners, parents, school supporters and active members of community organizations and are committed to seeing the area they live in thrive. Their pride and passion shows at state fairs, through their support of the dairy princess programs in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota and by providing scholarships to college-bound students interested in pursuing a dairy-related major.

Educator Resources

As an educator, you are charged with providing valuable information in a fun and engaging way. Midwest Dairy has developed a collection of informative classroom materials to educate students about dairy farmers, the dairy industry and important nutrition and economic information.

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GENYOUth Foundation

GENYOUth Foundation works with schools, communities and business partners to develop and support programs that create lasting changes in the child health and wellness arena, including Fuel Up to Play 60. Its mission is to create a movement to inspire youth to change their behavior.

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Fuel Up to Play 60

Fuel Up to Play 60, our premier school wellness program from the National Dairy Council, Midwest Dairy Council and the National Football League, in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, is offered to all schools and is dedicated to kids’ health and wellness. The program encourages them to choose nutrient-rich foods first and to get out and play 60 minutes each day.

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School Nutrition

Dairy foods play a vital role within the school meal in helping children meet needs for critical nutrients of concern as identified in the Dietary Guidelines. In fact, milk is the number one food source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium in children’s diets. Whether you're a school food service director, an administrator, a principal, board member, educator, student or parent - we have what you need to enhance or expand the opportunities and experiences students have with milk, cheese, and yogurt in schools.

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Midwest Dairy Association offers scholarships to students from dairy farms or studying in dairy-related majors. Scholarship eligibility and awards vary by state.

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