Midwest Dairy Association

South Dakota State Fair

The South Dakota State Fair in Huron runs through Labor Day and showcases and promotes some of state's finest businesses and products, especially dairy. Midwest Dairy’s South Dakota Division operates the dairy bar, selling delicious milk shakes and hand-dipped ice cream cones in the Midwest Dairy Bar Building. Midwest Dairy Association also operates the most popular concession at the State Fair, the "All You Can Drink Milk Booth."

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SDSU Ice Cream Debuts at South Dakota State Fair Dairy Bar

For students, faculty and staff at South Dakota State University (SDSU), the ice cream made at the school’s dairy processing plant is a well-known treat. But for others, this year’s South Dakota State Fair may be the first chance to taste the special – and hard to come by – delight.

South Dakota Dairy Princess

The South Dakota Dairy Princess has served as the state's official goodwill ambassador for the dairy industry for 58 years. The dairy princess typically makes appearances at consumer events, provides media interviews and helps to inform people about dairy farmers' dedication to their work, as well as communicating the importance of dairy products in our diet.

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