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Midwest Dairy Association has a menu of fact sheets available for you to learn more about dairy farmers’ care for their animals, the environment and how they produce wholesome, high-quality milk. Additional topics include dairy farms and sustainability; hormones, antibiotics and milk wholesomeness; and the variety and characteristics of milk choices.

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Animal Care Fact Sheet

A cow’s health is of utmost importance to dairy farmers. Dairy farmers know that healthy, comfortable, and well-treated animals produce high-quality, wholesome dairy foods for people around the world.

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Critical Steps to Quality Milk Fact Sheet

Dairy farmers across the United States follow industry accepted best management practices to ensure that their dairy cows are healthy and well cared for, that the environment on and around their farms is protected, and that the milk they produce is safe and of high quality. While many factors affect the milk cows produce, here are the most critical steps for producing high-quality, wholesome and safe milk, starting at the source—the cow—and ending at the consumer’s table.

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Dairy Farms and the Environment Fact Sheet

Most dairy farmers live and work on their farms. It’s important to them to protect the land, water and air for their animals, families, and surrounding community, as well as for future generations. In addition, environmental practices on all dairy farms are tightly regulated by both federal and state agencies.

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Dairy Food Safety Fact Sheet

The dairy industry takes food safety very seriously. Throughout the years, dairy farmers and processors have worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state regulatory officials to establish safety regulations and practices including the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system. As a result, American milk and dairy products are among the safest and most highly regulated foods in the world.

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