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Dairy Imitators

There are many imitation “milks” out there, including rice, coconut, almond and nut, hemp, and soy beverages. However, these drinks are not technically milk and are not nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk.

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Dairy Nutrition Topics

Dairy’s health benefits are supported by a robust body of science that continues to grow. Here, find up- to-date dairy nutrition facts and the latest research on a variety of topics, including dairy’s critical role in child nutrition and sports nutrition.

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Dietary Guidelines

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines emphasize a total diet approach, urging Americans to reduce calories and watch portion sizes, make more nutrient-rich choices, and move more. The MyPlate graphic highlights dairy as an essential part of every meal. Milk provides a unique package of nine essential nutrients and dairy foods are a substantial contributor of many nutrients that are important for good health.

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Dairy foods provide critical nutrients that help improve children’s overall diet and health. Midwest Dairy Council, in partnership with the National Dairy Council, offers the latest science-based information and resources designed to help health care professionals, school nutrition professionals and teachers understand the role of nutrient-rich dairy foods in improving child nutrition.

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Flavored Milk

With calcium and eight other essential nutrients, flavored milk offers the same great nutrient-rich package as white milk and can help improve overall diets.

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Sports Nutrition

Whether you are a star athlete or simply enjoy regularly participating in physical activities like dancing, soccer, tennis, biking or running; milk’s nine essential nutrients play an important role in fueling any active lifestyle. From bone building to muscle strengthening, the nutrients in milk provide a variety of positive health benefits.

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Although most Americans meet their protein needs, many are seeking new options for sources of protein in their diets, and low-fat and fat-free dairy foods can help meet this need.

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Whey protein is a high-quality protein naturally found in dairy that contains all of the essential amino acids, or in other words the building blocks, your body needs. The health benefits of whey protein are abundant.

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