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June Dairy Month 2015

Celebrate All the Reasons Dairy Makes Sense

This June Dairy Month, Midwest Dairy Association invites you to join us in celebrating all of the reasons why Dairy Makes Sense. Not only do dairy foods taste great, but they are good for your health and your budget. Plus, they’re produced by dairy farmers with a longstanding commitment to sustainability. So raise your milk glass to toast June Dairy Month. After all, there’s no question Dairy Makes Sense in so many ways!

June Dairy Month Highlights

Raise a Glass of Milk to Toast Dairy’s Goodness

More than 75 years since the annual celebration began, June Dairy Month continues to recognize dairy foods and the people who make them possible to enjoy. Today, dairy’s goodness comes from more than 9,000 dairy farm families from throughout the Midwest. Beginning in 1937, the observance was created as a way to help distribute extra milk when cows started on pasture in the summer months.

June Dairy Month History

June Dairy Month, an annual tradition developed to celebrate the dairy industry and its many contributions to our society, originated in 1937.

June Dairy Month Trivia

When it comes to food and healthful eating, it’s sometimes difficult to make sense of all of the information available. Check out your dairy knowledge by answering the trivia questions below. Download PDF

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Dairy Fresh Recipes

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