Midwest Dairy Association

Education Materials

Midwest Dairy has developed a collection of informative classroom materials to educate students about dairy farmers, the dairy industry, and important nutrition and economic information about milk, cheese and yogurt. These resources also can be used to activate other programs in your school. If you need help, please contact our Nutrition Service Center at 1-800-406-6455.

Dairy’s Journey From Farm to Store

Purpose: Illustrate the rigorous testing the dairy industry employs along milk’s journey from the cow to the grocery store to ensure only safe, wholesome products reach the American consumer.
Audience: Intended for high school and college students studying agriculture, food regulation and/or food safety.
Time Required: 30 minutes

The Science of Milk

Purpose: Introduce students to the scientific properties of milk and explain how milk protein is uniquely packaged for easy absorption in the body.
Audience: Intended for high school and college culinary and/or dietetics students studying nutrition science.
Time Required: 30 minutes

Make Change with Dairy

Purpose: Educate students about dairy’s superior nutritional and economic value, and empower them to make smarter snack choices.
Audience: Intended for middle and high school students. The course plan can be implemented in either a kitchen-oriented setting, such as a Family and Consumer Science classroom or in a lecture setting.
Time Required: Two 30- to 45-minute lessons