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Dairy Quiz

How many major breeds of dairy cattle are there?


Learn more about how dairy farmers are committed to healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

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Meet Dairy Farmers

The Midwest is home to more than 9,100 dairy farm families – the people behind the product. We invite you to get to know these families with Karen Bohnert, an Illinois dairy farm mom, as your guide. Through these stories you’ll learn about dairy farmers and their efforts to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk and dairy foods. As you travel with Karen, you’ll hear about ways farmers are preserving the land where they live and work, how they protect the air and water they share with neighbors, and provide the best care for their cows – the lifeblood of their business.

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Sustainability Toolkit

Dairy is and will always be good – not just for you and me, but for cows, communities and our planet. Sustainability is at the heart of each decision a dairy farmer makes and this commitment to sustainability continues through production, at the retailer and with you.

Just as efforts to improve dairy sustainability are ongoing, the opportunities to share the dairy sustainability story are all around us. Our Sustainability Toolkit provides you the tools you need to share the dairy sustainability message in your organization.

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Dairy in the Midwest

Dairy is a vital part of our communities in the Midwest.

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See Our Farms

Feeding the World

Here’s your chance to get to know a few dairy farm families in the Midwest. There is no need to drive out to the country, just use your computer to view one of these videos.

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Dairy Farming Facts

Midwest Dairy Association has a menu of fact sheets available for you to learn more about dairy farmers’ care for their animals, the environment and how they produce wholesome, high-quality milk. Additional topics include dairy farms and sustainability; hormones, antibiotics and milk wholesomeness; and the variety and characteristics of milk choices.

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