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5 Game-Changing Reasons to Love Breakfast

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Your kids will never want to skip breakfast after reading these game-changing reasons to fuel up in the morning. In addition to providing us with energy, breakfast foods are a good source of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fiber. The buzz about breakfast is real, and in addition to being a nutrition power house, breakfast is fun and delicious.

Two of our Fuel Up to Play 60 student ambassadors, Hudson H. and Sophie S., rap a song to express their love for breakfast during back-to-school time. Follow along our thought process of exactly why breakfast is so deserving of it’s own music video (five reasons, to be exact) and then enjoy Sophie and Hudson’s Fuel Up to Play 60 back-to-school breakfast rap!

Two Words: Breakfast Pairings

Milk and oatmeal, cereal and milk, egg and cheese, yogurt and granola—need we say more?! Breakfast pairings are unlike any other meal pairings. They are filling, tasty and nutritious.

Breakfast is Delicious & Fun-damental

Have you ever heard of breakfast for dinner? That’s because breakfast foods are so delicious, they taste great any time of day! Behind the scenes, Sophie and Hudson shared that they love milk and cheese. They are both involved with sports and extra curriculars at school. Sophie is on the dance team and Hudson plays lacrosse and the cello. Fueling up with milk or a cheese stick in the morning helps them feel full throughout the day.

Breakfast is Versatile

You can have breakfast at home, at your favorite local sit-down restaurant or even if you love breakfast as much as we do, a breakfast buffet. Most importantly, kids can eat breakfast at school. Fuel Up to Play 60 helps schools provide breakfast to students in alternative ways. For example, breakfast after the bell and grab-and-go breakfast are programs that help students like Hudson and Sophie fuel up with a healthy breakfast to feel great at school!

Breakfast is #Instagramable

Taking photos of food is fun, but let’s be real, when you make a dish and the photo just does not do it justice, it’s disappointing! Breakfast foods are bright, vibrant and in our opinion, they are Instagramable. As seen below when we made our Baked French Toast with Maple Yogurt and Fruit recipe, sometimes the biggest challenge is remembering to take the photo before eating it.

Breakfast is Rap-worthy

And finally, we think breakfast is so awesome we have a rap song about it. Hudson and Sophie bring breakfast to a new level with their music video! We hope you enjoy their Fuel Up to Play 60 back-to-school breakfast rap and share it with your breakfast-loving friends!


What’s your favorite breakfast recipe?! Share it with us in the comments below.

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