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Note These Five Industry Trends

Helping our partners increase their dairy sales is a key priority for our team.  We provide a variety of consumer insights and business thought-starters to help you capitalize on the following trends.  To learn more contact your Business Development Manager.

1. Real, Fresh Natural

Eighty-four percent of the population say that if a food or beverage is natural, it’s “a little or much” healthier.  Food quality – expressed by consumers as less processed, pure, wholesome, real, fresh, natural, authentic or similar – is now a health and wellness prerequisite.   We can provide additional consumer insights and business thought-starters that provide guidance to help capitalize on this trend.

2. Local

It’s critical to connect consumers with agriculture and the farm-to-table story.  Now is the time to highlight dairy’s local origins, the farmer and regional products.  In addition to promoting the nutrient and health benefits of dairy foods, marketing and leveraging local positioning can provide an emotional connection for consumers.  Request a full report of this consumer research and how to apply the learnings from the study.

3. Snacking

Consumers increasingly are interested in snacks.  At last count, snacking generated more than $93 billion in annual sales.  To strengthen dairy’s position in this market, the industry has broken down the snack eating occasion into several market segments so you can pinpoint the best opportunity for your business.  Request the latest consumer research around snacking and how dairy can play a role in snacking.

4. Future of Dairy

Take advantage of the dairy opportunities listed below to maximize your growth opportunities.  Explore pre-competitive opportunities identified by the Future of Dairy research study.  Learn more about any of the Future of Dairy projects listed below.

  • Dairy Beverage Reinvented: Reinventing and repositioning fluid milk or dairy-based beverages to meet emerging needs. Fluid milk and milk-based beverages can leverage emerging consumer trends and need states to facilitate consumption grown.
  • Powered by Dairy: Making dairy the go-to food/beverage for people who want more physical or mental energy. Dairy can leverage its inherent benefits in the growing energy category – specifically in yogurt-based and low-fat milk products.
  • Continuously Delight Kids: Making dairy products a tasty, fun treat for kids so they continue to consume dairy into adulthood. Parents’ roles in food choices have changed and decisions are made through negotiation and collaboration.  Products must be ones kids ask for and Mom feels good about or that Mom chooses and kids like.
  • Grazing on Dairy: As people move from the three-meal-a-day norm to more snacking, make dairy the tasty, healthy and satisfying snack of choice. Consumers choose their nutritious snacks for satisfaction but still want taste, convenience and variety.  Unlike yogurt, cheese and dairy-enhanced beverages are not always in this healthy consideration set, according to consumers.
  • Fit for Life with Dairy: Making dairy a go-to choice for a healthier and more active life now and in the future. Boomers are concerned with digestive health, wealth management and energy – needs that can be addressed with existing and innovative dairy offerings. Younger generations also are looking to stay fit and healthy, and ward off disease. Dairy-based foods and beverages with the right products and messaging can be a vehicle to achieve their goals.

5. The Growing Hispanic Market

There are an estimated 47 million Hispanics in the U.S., representing 15 percent of the total population, with an estimated spending power upwards of $951 billion. The Hispanic population is expected to continue to grow, outpacing total population by about 3:1.

Hispanics are a highly diverse group with different beliefs, customs, experiences and behaviors, and they move through the acculturation process differently. Acculturation level is a significant driver of consumption behaviors, which is evident when we look at dairy.

Request additional information on the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s comprehensive market analysis to better understand the habits of U.S. Hispanic consumers related to dairy consumption and to identify what opportunities exist to grow dairy sales within this market.

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