Training Opportunities

Improve Your Customer Experience with Staff Training

Training is a key component to a positive customer experience in-store. Dairy Academy for Retail Excellence is designed to train dairy managers, store operators and retail dietitians on all things dairy. In addition, we offer media training for retail dietitians.

Dairy Academy for Retail Excellence

Dairy Academy for Retail Excellence is a program designed to increase retail staff’s confidence and knowledge in dairy production for retail managers and dietitians by focusing on the entire product cycle from farm to fridge which can lead to increased dairy sales. Available in person and online; Dairy Academy participants will learn how to properly manage dairy product inventory, respond to consumer questions accurately, contribute to increased dairy sales and reduce product waste.

Dairy Academy
Dairy Academy
Dairy Academy

The training agenda includes a full-day session and includes classroom education, a dairy production facility tour, and a dairy farm tour. Training coordinators traditionally include members of Midwest Dairy’s Scientific Advisory Board, dairy farmers, processor plant management and Midwest Dairy staff.

Attendees complete a pre and post survey, and a post test, allowing Midwest Dairy to measure attitudinal shifts and knowledge advancements. Attendees who successfully pass the post test and implement at least two merchandising activities in their stores receive an official Certificate of Completion credential.

Online Dairy Academy

The Online Dairy Academy is a one hour interactive course developed for dairy department managers and clerks; providing training in four areas: Managing the Dairy Department, Dairy Product Facts, Dairy Farming Today, and Milk Safety & Processing. The goal of Online Dairy Academy is to create more confident employees which translates into more satisfied and confident shoppers; ultimately leading to increased dairy sales.

Online Dairy Academy can be offered on your organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS) or through Midwest Dairy’s LMS.

Dairy Department Reinvention

Dairy Reinvention
Dairy Reinvention

Dairy Department Reinvention work presents retailers with an opportunity to reinvent the dairy department by enhancing the shopper experience. Tested in more than 1,000 stores over a three-year period, the resulting best practices maximize dairy’s potential while increasing total sales and store loyalty. Request additional information on the best practices that can be adapted to any store’s décor, layout and marketing strategy.

Managing Dairy Freshness

Take advantage of this informative training video that covers topics such as dairy delivery, product rotation, dairy case cleanliness and temperature control.

Retail Training Dietitians

Midwest Dairy Council also provides media training for registered dietitians. Led by Midwest Dairy’s team of registered dietitian spokespersons, the training is designed to provide tips, tools and resources for dietitians on how to deliver successful television, print or radio interviews. Training is focused on how to craft nutrition messaging, build television segment sets and do recipe demonstrations. Also included is the opportunity to do mock interviews with trained media spokespersons.

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