Scientific Advisory Council

Meet the Scientists who contribute to and review our Fact Sheets. The Midwest Dairy Association Scientific Advisory Council is comprised of six leading dairy health, animal care and nutrition, farm environment, human health and nutrition, and dairy food experts.

The Council provides extensive knowledge and experience, combined with a real understanding of dairy farmers, dairy cows and dairy foods to Midwest Dairy as it works to inform a variety of audiences about dairy production practices on the farm and the health benefits of dairy.

Joe HarnerJoe Harner, PhD
Professor and Department Head, Biological and
Agricultural Engineering, Kansas State UniversityDr. Joe Harner is an expert when it comes to the relationship between animal housing and animal care. He focuses on livestock systems and related environment issues for dairy and beef cattle, as well as swine and sheep. He works extensively with the state agencies, commodity groups, allied industry and individual farmers to develop facilities and systems to best meet the meeds of animal and farmer.

Mike HutjensMike Hutjens, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Animal Sciences Department,
University of IllinoisDr. Mike Hutjens is an authority when it comes to nutrition for dairy cows. His expertise is directed toward animal well-being and quality milk production by focusing on the dairy cow’s diet. As a former Extension Dairy Specialist at the University of Illinois he has been involved in numerous dairy initiatives and conducted research in the area of dairy animal growth.

Lloyd MetzgerLloyd Metzger, PhD
Professor, Dairy Science Department,
South Dakota State UniversityDr. Lloyd Metzger currently serves as a Professor for Dairy Science at South Dakota State Univeristy. He is particularly knowledgeable on cheese manufacturing and often serves as a consultant for food manufacturers. If there is something you like about the taste of a particular type of cheese or the way it melts, chances are Dr. Metzger has contributed to the development of those flavor profiles and characteristics. Metzger also serves as the Director of the Midwest Dairy Food Research Center.

J.W. SchroederJ.W. Schroeder, PhD
Professor Emeritus,
North Dakota State UniversityIn a career dedicated to education and land grant university outreach, Dr. J.W. Schroeder has a professional mission to conduct relevant research and extend a learning process that will advance the dairy and livestock industries across the region. He works with farmers to improve family farm sustainability through better production efficiency, enhanced environmental stewardship, optimal animal welfare, increased business opportunities, and improved community leadership.

Joanne SlavinJoanne L. Slavin, PhD, RD
Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition,
University of MinnesotaDr. Joanne Slavin focuses on a variety of health and wellness-related topics including dietary fiber, carbohydrates, whole grains, protein and the role of diet in disease prevention. She has co-authored 250 scientific articles and was a member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). Demystifying nutrition information is a passion for Dr. Slavin who serves as a Science Communicator for the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). She also is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and the American Society for Nutrition (ASN).

Leo TimmsLeo Timms, PhD
Morrill Professor, Department of Animal Science,
Iowa State UniversityFor a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture, look no further for an expert than Dr. Leo Timms. He combines aspects of biophysical science, such as production impact on soil and water and socioeconomics management and cost of resources, to help dairy farmers build a plan for long-term sustainable success. As a Morrill Professor of Animal Science at Iowa State University, he teaches animal medicine use to veterinary science students, and his research focuses on housing and facilities for dairy cows.