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Giving Thanks: a Tradition for Growing Arkansas Dairy Family

Food is an important part of holiday traditions for many families, and many of us have a go-to recipe for special occasions. For Susan Anglin, Pumpkin Pie Squares with Cinnamon-Sugar Yogurt Topping recipe has become a staple for fall gatherings.
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Three Generations Growing Together on a Nebraska Dairy Farm

For more than 60 years, members of John Temme’s family have been milking cows on their dairy farm near Wayne, Neb. When John made the decision to return to the farm after college, his parents and grandparents were excited to have the third generation involved in the family business, but they also knew it would require careful planning, communications and investment.
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New Ideas Allow Iowa Family to Carry on Dairy Farming Tradition

For five generations, members of the Maassen family have been raising animals and crops on land near Maurice, Iowa. Although the farm looks very different now than when Lee Maassen’s great-grandfather began farming in […]

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Back to School on the Farm

Living on a farm is a busy lifestyle. Typical days begin before sun-up and end shortly after sun-down. Summer offers flexibility in this 24-7 schedule for dairy farm families. Days are still lengthy, but […]

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Dairy Sustainability: Small Changes, Huge Impact

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that create the most buzz.

In the case of Dorrich Dairy in Glenwood, Minnesota, innovation comes in the form of tiny wasp larvae. The six-legged insects may be small, but […]

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Going the Distance: Dairy Farming is a Marathon

Running a successful dairy farm is a marathon, not a sprint. Kent and Jodi Pulfer of Wayne, Nebraska, discovered this after making the transition from being veterinarians to veterinarians and dairy farmers.

Kent and Jodi […]

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Dairy Sweethearts Lend a Helping Hand

Dairy farmers Dave and Jerilyn Hansen in Irene, South Dakota, fell in love as high school sweethearts more than four decades ago, and over the course of time, have built a family and a […]

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Farm Family of the Year

Dale and Marlys Hinckley have spent the last 30 years building their business from the ground up, and today, it is obvious Hinckley Holsteins has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Recently […]

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Blending Art and Science with Cheese Making

Steering off the beaten path in Brainard, Nebraska, you quickly see that David Jisa is living his dream of a full-circle, farm-to-cheese business. For David, his hobby-driven, family business of making cheese is something […]

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