Convening the Entire Supply Chain to Fuel A Strong Future for Dairy

Can we really convene the supply chain to achieve a strong result for the dairy industry? Based on the second annual Dairy Experience Forum that took place July 16-18 in St. Paul, Minnesota, the answer is unquestionably yes. This gathering of nearly 400 individuals from across the industry proved that when individuals with different perspectives join together and share ideas, the result is powerful.

Below you’ll find more detail around key takeaways from the meeting related to dairy innovation, sustainability and the importance of understanding the mindset of Generation Z, dairy consumers. This group’s values and perspectives will ultimately impact the behavior and purchasing patterns of other generations, and if we pay close attention, will fuel disruptive innovation to drive the industry forward.

One theme that was shared both by meeting presenters and attendees was the important role that all of you have when it comes to sharing your dairy farm story, not only with dairy consumers, but with processors and companies focused on creating innovative dairy foods for consumers to enjoy. The Dairy Experience Forum kicked off this critical conversation. Even if you were unable to attend the meeting, I encourage you to join those who did attend in continuing this important discussion with industry leaders in your own communities. This important collaboration will be critical to fueling disruptive innovation and building a strong future for the industry.

Lucas Lentsch, Midwest Dairy CEO