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Dairy farmers and NFL Players Converge at the #FuelUpExperience

by Molly Pelzer | Feb 6, 2018 | Farm | 0 comments

Skibas Posing with Kids

Dairy farmers and NFL players bring fan goers of all ages the ultimate dairy experience

Apples and cheese. Yogurt and berries. Cottage cheese and peaches. Sometimes the most unexpected combinations lead to the best results. Perhaps the most unexpected dairy combination? Farmers and football. That’s right! With Super Bowl LII taking place in Minneapolis this year, we teamed up as part of Fuel Up to Play 60 to bring more than 60 Minnesota dairy farmers – and several former and current NFL players – to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Super Bowl Experience.

Dairy Farmers and Viktor Viking
NFL Player

Throughout the week at the #FuelUpExperience booth, dairy farm families invited guests to tour a virtual farm – modeled after Heintz Badger Valley Farm in Caledonia, Minn. – and a NFL locker room. They talked with kids about where their food comes from and highlighted dairy farmers’ 100-plus year commitment to health and wellness.

Here’s a snapshot of the week:

Number of kids we invited to the Fuel Up to Play 60 clinics: 250

Number of people who experienced a dairy farm in virtual reality: 1,540

Number of NFL players who visited our booth: 13

Number of times we heard, “Wow, this is really cool!”: Way too many to count!

Number of mascots who visited our booth: 3

We’re so grateful for our partnership with Fuel Up to Play 60 and all of the dairy farmers who volunteered their time and energy to join us at the Super Bowl Experience. It was so rewarding to talk with people about where their food comes from and how dairy can fit into an active and healthy lifestyle! We documented the week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just look for the hashtag #FuelUpExperience.

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Midwest Dairy

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