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It’s True! Dairy Moms are Just Like You

by Sami Carter | May 10, 2018 | Farm | 1 comment

I was welcomed into the #dairymom tribe two years ago. And I wrote recently about the tribe from my home state here. We share a passion for motherhood and all things dairy. Maybe you do, too?

Check out the feed and join the #dairymom tribe – no farming required! Motherhood and dairy are THAT strong of a connection. If you agree to any of the following statements, consider yourself a dairymom:

  • I know dairy is nutritious, and serve milk at every meal.
  • I dress my little one(s) to reflect my love of dairy.
  • I say “cheese” when posing for a photo and choosing a healthy snack.
  • I enjoy eating dairy foods as much as learning about how dairy is locally produced.
  • I melt like ice cream when my child(ren) do or say something cute.

How’d you do? If you’re still not convinced, I asked dairymoms to share their thoughts on motherhood, including the best advice and most surprising things about being a mom. I’m serious when I say dairymoms on the farm are just like you and me.

Thank you to all moms – on Mother’s Day and every day. I see your dedication, devotion, generosity and wisdom, and I celebrate you! To anyone hurting from the loss of their mother or a special family member and mother, I see you too. I hope your heavy heart eases as you remember and honor them. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Edgewood Creamery in Purdy, Mo

The best advice my mother ever gave me was to get off the farm and explore other options. She encouraged me going to college so that I could see other ways of life. Being away for college and completing my degree made me realize how thankful I was to grow up on a dairy. I also knew I wanted to come back and farm.

The biggest surprise as a mother for me has been the willingness and determination of a child. On the farm children have responsibilities too, and I am amazed at how well they learn, adapt and complete their responsibilities. We can learn so much from them!

Aubrey Fletcher
Edgewood Creamery in Purdy, Mo.

Anglin Dairy in Bentonville, Ark.

Best advice my mom gave me… When I made the decision to give up my nursing job to stay home on the farm full time, my mother encouraged me by saying, “No education is ever wasted.” I took that to heart and used my years of nursing experience and education to raise calves, kids and care for our parents, and share with others how we work every day on the farm to produce a great nutritious product.

What surprises me most about myself… I have always thought being a mother was a great blessing and a lot of fun, but hearing that sweet little Hattie say “Grandma” just melts my heart.

Susan Anglin
The Spotted Cow Review
Anglin Dairy in Bentonville, Ark.

Bohnert Jerseys in East Moline, Ill.

Children grow in a blink of an eye. Learn to slow down and enjoy them, even when they can be hard to enjoy because it all goes by at lighting speed. My mother also told me to find joy in every day. Dairy farming is tough. The struggle is real. The days are long. When I pause and do just what she said, I see these pint-sized, joyful moments that make my heart burst.

Love for your child(ren) never fades or goes away. It grows deeper and deeper. I’m also surprised at how motherhood has helped me become more patient. Perhaps this is the farm mom in me – as I have to be patient for the crops to grow, the cows to calve, the work to get done, so I’ve learned to become patient also as a mother.

Karen Bohnert
Bohnert Jerseys in East Moline, Ill.

Greenwood Dairy in Paynesville, Minn.

My mom was and is so smart about valuing people over things. By actions more than words she continues to show me how helping and loving others, and sharing time is more important than expensive gifts or an immaculate house. I try to remember this daily as a mom. My son needs my time above anything else.

I am surprised by how much I love motherhood! I knew I would love my child, but I also enjoy the changes he’s brought and the entire lifestyle. Before he was born I was nervous about adding more activity and less sleep to the mix, and losing myself in the process. While things are busier they are enriched. It feels so natural to be a parent, and I hope we can continue to grow our family.

Lisa Reeck
Cow Spots and Tales
Greenwood Dairy in Paynesville, Minn.

Heim Dairy Farm LLC in Easton, Kan.

My favorite thing about being a mom is watching [son] Dominic learn and discover new things. It really makes you appreciate everything around you when you watch someone discover [the world] for the first time. My mom has always said she may have gone a little too far in raising me to be independent, and even in this journey of motherhood, she’s really let me find my own way. I probably wouldn’t have been receptive to a lot of advice, but I appreciate that my mom has always been extremely supportive and encouraging.

Jennifer Heim
Heim Dairy Farm LLC in Easton, Kan.

Brenda Rudolph in Little Falls, Minn.

My mom passed away when I was 20 years old; at that time, I was still seeking advice as a daughter, not a mom. She taught me what a special gift laughter is, no matter how hard a time can be, there is always something to smile and laugh about. When I became a new mom, my tribe surrounded me, loved and cheered me on knowing how hard it was not to have my own mom.

I remember a time when I didn’t think twice about things and now, I worry, I feel like I am the worst because I yelled at one of my kids for spitting on the other one. The feelings of being a complete failure at motherhood and praying every day my two never find out I have no idea what I am doing, and I am just winging it.

Brenda Rudolph
Raising a Dairy Farmer
Little Falls, Minn.

JJC Jerseys in Beaver Crossing, Neb.

I love that our kids live this life. They don’t just live on a dairy, but they live, work, know everything about this farm and life. They are learning all the lessons it has to teach them. The joys, the heartbreak, the hard work and the fun times. What surprises me most? That I get to be a mom every day. We had a little tougher time than most to get our kids. I try hard not to forget that they are a gift and not to take them for granted.

Jodi Cast
JJC Jerseys in Beaver Crossing, Neb.

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Sami Carter
Midwest Dairy

I'm an ambassador for dairy farmers and an advocate for enjoying all dairy foods. Since 2009, I've been a social voice for Midwest Dairy Association. You'll often find me tweeting, pinning or taking photos to share on Midwest Dairy's social media channels. Similarly, I provide tools, training and resources to help dairy farmers tell their story using social media.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and adventures, learning new culinary skills, volunteering and running for Team Dairy.

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