Educator Resources

Educator Resources

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You are charged with providing valuable information in a fun and engaging way. Midwest Dairy has developed a collection of informative classroom lessons and activities to educate students about how dairy gets from the Farm to Store and the Science of Milk. These resources can be used to activate other programs in your school including Fuel Up to Play 60, a student-led health and fitness program from National Dairy Council and the National Football League. If you need help, please contact Midwest Dairy Council at 1-800-406-6455 or

Discovery Education
Undeniably Dairy

Discovery Education and Undeniably Dairy

Have you herd? Discovery Education, a global leader in standards-based digital content, has partnered with America’s dairy farm families to bring the dairy experience to life for students in grades 5th through 8th grade virtually! Discover the cows, the community and the journey of dairy from farm to school through a virtual field trip, a 360° virtual experience that explores a modern dairy farm, and an interactive 360° hotspot that provides the opportunity to “click” and “browse” to find out more about a cow’s diet, cow care, sustainability and more. You also can download a free educator resource guide that includes curriculum and activity ideas. Connect with us at

Jersey cow

Discover Dairy

Are you looking for fun, educational materials to use in your classroom to educate students about dairy farming and the dairy farm families who produce the milk and dairy foods you enjoy every day? Then here is your chance to bring the farm to your classroom.

Discover Dairy is an interactive, cross-curricular, multi-leveled educational series of lessons that meets Common CORE Standards for Math, Science and Reading. So register today and start giving your students the knowledge they need about the importance of dairy.

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Critical Steps to Quality Milk Fact Sheet

Dairy farmers across the United States follow industry accepted best management practices to ensure that their dairy cows are healthy and well cared for, that the environment on and around their farms is protected, and that the milk they produce is safe and of high quality.

Dairy Farm Bingo Cards

  1. Together as a class, think of a list of dairy food and dairy farm words.
  2. On your own, choose 16 words from the list to fill in your very own BINGO card.
  3. Listen as your teacher calls out the dairy words and mark your boxes.
  4. When your card is filled, yell “DAIRY FARM BINGO!”
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