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Look here for a variety of resources including downloadable health and nutrition worksheets, handouts and infographics to support your dairy nutrition, child health, wellness education and outreach efforts.

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1% Chocolate Milk is Back

Low-fat (1%) chocolate and other low-fat flavored milks can have a place in school meal programs again! Supporting the goal of making food choices both nutritious and appealing to students and still aligning with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nutritional guidance once again allows schools, within their state’s discretion, greater flexibility in meeting nutrition requirements for school meal programs to help nourish students.

Airplane Choo Choo

Every baby is unique; don’t worry if your baby eats a little more or less than this guide suggests. Keep in mind that the suggested serving sizes are only guidelines to help you get started.

Cheese Facts and Tips

  • Cheese may help children eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains when added or eaten with these foods.
  • Cheese contributes high-quality protein as well as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A to the diet.
  • Reduced-fat cheese provides the same essential nutrients as regular cheese and tastes great.

Clean and Clear Executive Summary

Clean labeling is no longer simply a trend; rather, it’s becoming the expectation. Consumers demand more transparency, yet don’t understand how milk and dairy products fit into clean labeling. For Midwest Dairy and its strategic partners, understanding how the clean and clear trend and the attributes inherent in dairy are critical to driving consumer trust and sales in dairy.
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