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Dairy Protein Facts and Tips

  • Dairy foods such as low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese, yogurt and whey powder are convenient and cost-effective ways to power up with protein.
  • An 8-ounce glass of milk, 1-ounce of most cheeses and an 8-ounce container of yogurt have as much protein as one egg (6 grams).
  • As little as 10 grams of protein can stimulate muscle growth following exercise. Having 8-ounces of fat-free chocolate milk or an 8-ounce container of yogurt can help.

Muscle Matters

Strong and healthy muscles and bones support you every day, and you can support them by eating nutrient-rich foods and getting regular exercise.* Small steps could help you reap benefits you may not realize you can gain. No matter what age you are, it’s important to establish good nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity habits to help pave a path for strong muscles and bones.
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