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We offer a variety of resources and publications that both keep our partners informed of key industry trends and insights and offer background about on-farm dairy production and sustainability practices so you can educate customers as they are forming decisions about food products and provide them with compelling reasons to believe in dairy.

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Retail Monthly Snapshot – Milk – 2016-11

According to USDA, total fluid milk sales through all channels are down a small amount (-1.1%) year-to-date through October. The current rate of loss is on par with that seen in 2015, but continues to represents a significant improvement compared to losses posted in 2013 and 2014.

Retail Monthly Snapshot – Milk – 2016-12

Fluid milk sold through all channels closed out 2016 with a small loss of –0.7%, according to USDA data. This rate of decline is similar to that of 2015, yet a significant improvement compared to losses posted in 2013-14. The retail picture for fluid milk was a bit more challenged, with full year 2016 sales down –1.9%.

Retail Monthly Snapshot – Yogurt – 2016-11

Retail yogurt sales in 2016 YTD continue to slip from 2015’s high level, with some regions seeing significant losses in the most recent period vs. PY. Greek yogurt has become a contributor to this overall decline in most recent 5 months.
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