Undeniably Dairy

Undeniably Dairy Toolkit

Scoop it. Pour it. Shred it. No matter what, it’s Undeniably Dairy. The dairy community’s new campaign shares dairy’s undeniable goodness and highlights how dairy is fun and fun-ly surprising!

Dairy 3 for Me

Dairy 3 for Me Toolkit

Three servings of dairy foods play an important role in a healthy diet. Help spread the word about Dairy 3 for Me by  taking the pledge and sharing it in social media using the #Dairy3forMe hashtag.

Clean Clear Milk

Clean and Clear Labeling

Nearly one in three people looks for clean labels when choosing foods to eat.  With just three ingredients and minimal processing, dairy products are among the cleanest, nutrient-packed foods.

Clean and Clear - Milk Alternatives

Milk Nutrition Toolkit

Dairy delivers unmatched nutrition compared to alternative beverages, yet many consumers are unaware of its benefits. With so much information available at our fingertips, it can be easy to get confused about what dairy even is! Check out this toolkit to help set the record straight.

Power Your Day with Protein

Protein Toolkit

Eating 25 to 30 grams of protein at every meal provides energy and boosts our focus on the day’s tasks. Including dairy, a high-quality source of protein, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, can help you meet this goal.


Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability is at the heart of each decision a dairy farmer makes and this commitment continues through production, at the retailer and with you to deliver great-tasting and nutritious dairy products.

June Dairy Month

June Dairy Month Toolkit

Dairy just makes sense. Not only do dairy foods taste great, but they are good for your health and your budget. Plus, they’re produced by dairy farmers with a longstanding commitment to sustainability.

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