Clean and Clear Labeling Toolkit

Dairy products offer a wholesome nutritious option to consumers who want to eat a cleaner diet.  Please use these tools in your communications to show audiences how dairy supports clean eating goals and to offer practical tips on how to incorporate dairy into a balanced meal plan.

Clean Clear Milk

Messages and Facts

Key Messages

Customizable News Release

Questions and Answers


Share these helpful resources with audiences who want to learn more about Midwest Dairy research on consumer perceptions on how dairy fits into the clean and clear labeling trend.

Clean and Clear Executive Summary

Clean and Clear Executive Summary

Clean labeling is no longer simply a trend; rather, it’s becoming the expectation. Consumers demand more transparency, yet don’t understand how milk and dairy products fit into clean labeling. For Midwest Dairy and its strategic partners, understanding how the clean and clear trend and the attributes inherent in dairy are critical to driving consumer trust and sales in dairy.

The Choice is Clear with Dairy Infographic

Dairy Delivers Clean Labels

Social Content and Images

Consider using these suggested Facebook and Twitter posts. To get started, view the social media calendar below and download any of the social media images below.

Clean and Clear Social Media Posts

Milk is Undercover Nutrition

Dairy is Fresh and Local

Milk is the Original Clean and Clear Food

Flavored Milk is a Clear and Nutritious Choice

Blog Content

Use these blogs as additional resources for your organization’s website, blogs or e-newsletter.

Spring Cleaning and Dairy Go Hand in Hand

Stephanie Cundith, MS, RD, LD, a registered dietitian and Dairy Makes Sense blogger, shares how dairy, with its clean label, can play a helpful role in spring cleaning your diet.


Use these images to draw attention and visual appeal to protein messages in online and social media communications.

The Choice is Clear with Dairy

All Milks Are Not Created Equal

Clean. Clear. Milk.

Milk is a Local Food


Post these videos on your or your organization’s website to highlight how dairy foods have always provided a clean choice and how they offer a stronger nutritional package than dairy alternatives.

Clean and Clear – Milk’s Equal

Clean and Clear – Flavored Milk

Clean and Clear – Ingredients

Clean and Clear – Milk Alternatives

Clean and Clear – Processing

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