Sustainability Toolkit

This communications toolkit is designed to make it easy to share information about the dairy community’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Please use the tools in your own sustainability communications to highlight how dairy foods are not only good for you and your family, but for cows, communities and our planet.


General Communication Tools

Sustainability Key Messages

Sustainability FAQ

Sustainability FAQ

Share and use this document to enable a shared definition of dairy sustainability and respond to questions about how the industry is meeting this challenge.

Sustainability Talking Points

Sustainability Overview Presentation

Environment Fact Sheet

Sustainability Fact Sheet

Sustainability and Dairy Farming Fact Sheet

Striving to protect the natural resources (such as soil, water, and air) needed for current and future food production is not a new endeavor, although the present-day pressures on all of Earth’s resources have generated widespread interest in this important effort. The core aspects of sustainability have always been an integral part of dairy farmers’ personal values and daily on-farm practices.

Precision Dairy Farming Fact Sheet

Precision Dairy Farming Fact Sheet

Technological advances known as precision dairy are enabling dairy farmers to make smarter day-to-day decisions to improve cow health, production and on-farm efficiencies.

Nutrient (Manure) Management Fact Sheet

Nutrient (Manure) Management Fact Sheet

Dairy farmers have long been committed to taking care of their resources, and continuously work to improve sustainability on their farms. Manure is just one resource that dairy farmers work hard to effectively manage in order to protect the environment, enhance cow comfort, improve crop yields and promote sustainability.

A Lot to Learn about Dairy Sustainability

Dairy Farmers are Committed to Sustainability

Honor the Harvest

Honor the Harvest

Honoring the harvest is about using food for its highest purpose and moving nutrients through the food system - from people, to animals, and back to the land to grow more food - instead of going to waste in a landfill.

Milks Carbon Footprint

What a Waste

Dairy Farm Nutrient Cycle

Milk Production Efficiencies


Post these videos on your or your organization’s site to highlight the impact of and commitment to sustainable dairy production.

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