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Milk’s Journey: 48 Hours in 48 Seconds

Some foods are only grown in certain areas of the country, but dairy is local and based in all 50 states. In fact, milk's journey from the farm to the grocery store takes only about two days! Not only is this journey fast and efficient, it enhances milk safety and quality. Take 48 seconds to watch the journey your milk makes in 48 hours.

Power Up Muffin Cups

Put some pep in your morning step when you combine milk, cheese, Greek yogurt and eggs in this protein-packed breakfast recipe.

Science of Milk

Learn about the scientific properties of milk and how milk protein is uniquely packaged for easy absorption in the body from Dr. Lloyd Metzger, a professor at South Dakota State University.

South Dakota Farmer Dedicates Herself to Dairy Education

Third generation farmer Heidi Selkin of Baltic, South Dakota, has a passion for sharing her dairy farm experience with the public. Heidi shares her enthusiasm for animal care by speaking to students, hosting farm tours, and creating videos to share on social media.

South Dakota’s Drumgoon Dairy Dedicated to Sustainability

Rodney and Dorothy Elliot immigrated from Ireland to Lake Norden, South Dakota, to expand their farm and ensure a sustainable future for dairy. With 4,500 cows, two milking parlors and 50 employees, the Elliots are committed to caring for the land they hope to pass on to their children.
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