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2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Translating Science to Your Table

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) embraces flexibility to help people build and enjoy healthy eating patterns that will nourish them physically, while also nourishing cultural and personal connections. In this webinar, learn more about past and present Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the research used to create them, and what to do with recent research when it differs from the Dietary Guidelines as well as implications. Presenter: Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, University of Minnesota professor.

2016 Health and Wellness Advisory Roundtable: Dairy’s Role in Sustainable Food Systems

This webinar addresses the challenges of sustainable foods systems, how dairy is a part of the solution and what we can all do today to make a difference, including implementing practical tips for recipe preparation and meal planning. Presenters: Erin Fitzgerald Sexson, senior vice president, Global Sustainability, Innovation Center for US Dairy and Kim Kirchherr, National Dairy Council vice president and registered dietitian.

Consumer Insights on Dairy’s Role in the Clean Clear Labeling Trend

Nearly one in three consumers today looks for clean food labels when choosing which foods to eat or buy. While research exists about the overall trend, Midwest Dairy sought insights about whether consumers understand how dairy fits into the “clean” trend. We preview new communications tools and resources to help bridge gaps in consumer knowledge about how milk and dairy products surpass dairy alternatives when delivering on this clean/clear trend.

Debunking Myths about Dairy Foods and On-Farm Production

Get the facts and debunk myths about dairy foods nutrition and production, including on-farm and sustainability practices. This webinar is designed to help answer questions to educate the public about how dairy foods get from the farm to the store and to maintain consumer confidence in milk and dairy products. Presenters: Leo Timms, PhD, Morrill Professor, Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University, and Alyson Fendrick, RD, LD, from Midwest Dairy Council.

Research Update on the DASH Dietary Pattern

Ron M. Krauss, MD, senior scientist and director of atherosclerosis research at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute and Becky Schaffer, MS, RDN, LD, clinical dietitian at the Mayo clinic present and review research examining the effects of substituting full-fat for low-fat or non-fat dairy foods in the DASH dietary pattern on blood pressure and plasma lipids and lipoproteins.

The Role of Dairy in a Sustainable Food System

Consumers today are increasingly looking at the food they eat through the lens of “Is it good for me, and is it also good for the environment?”  In this webinar, learn more the important role that dairy foods play in a healthy, sustainable diet, along with some of the latest developments in dairy research related to this topic. Presenter: Dr. Greg Miller PhD, Chief Science Officer from the National Dairy Council.

Understanding Emerging Research on Full-fat Dairy Foods

Americans today are enjoying a variety of dairy foods, including more whole milk products. And, there is emerging research showing whole milk dairy foods can have a neutral to slightly beneficial impact on health. During this webinar, you’ll hear about the latest research insights on full-fat dairy foods and health outcomes related to cardiovascular health and type 2 diabetes.
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