Registered Dietitians, to record CEU credit for any of these webinars, upon participation log the activity in your Professional Development Portfolios as 1 CEU under the code, 171: Live Webinars and file a copy of the webinar description.

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Showcasing the Dairy Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability

Learn more about dairy farmers’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, as well as the efforts underway in the dairy community to minimize dairy’s overall impact on the environment. The webinar will offer a wide variety of key messages to share with clients, and consumers to help answer questions about the dairy communities’ proactive role in the area of sustainability. Presenters: Chad Frahm, senior vice president of sustainability and Juan Tricarico, vice president of sustainability research, both from Dairy Management, Inc.

The FARM Program and Dairy Farmers Commitment to Animal Care

This webinar provides information about the dairy industry’s Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) animal care program’s success.  It also outlines the continuous improvement processes in place to ensure a high level of on-farm animal care and examples of tools that retail and manufacturers can use to educate consumers about the program and its role in assuring overall confidence in dairy foods. Presenters: Emily Meredith, National Milk Producer Federation’s vice president for animal care and Jamie Liebich from Midwest Dairy’s Business Development team.

The Role of Dairy in a Sustainable Food System

Consumers today are increasingly looking at the food they eat through the lens of “Is it good for me, and is it also good for the environment?”  In this webinar, learn more the important role that dairy foods play in a healthy, sustainable diet, along with some of the latest developments in dairy research related to this topic. Presenter: Dr. Greg Miller PhD, Chief Science Officer from the National Dairy Council.

Understanding Emerging Research on Full-fat Dairy Foods

Americans today are enjoying a variety of dairy foods, including more whole milk products. And, there is emerging research showing whole milk dairy foods can have a neutral to slightly beneficial impact on health. During this webinar, you’ll hear about the latest research insights on full-fat dairy foods and health outcomes related to cardiovascular health and type 2 diabetes.

Why Dairy Farmers’ Commitment to Animal Care Matters to Consumers and Customers

Animal care is a top consumer concern. And, it is a top priority for dairy farmers. Research shows consumers are increasingly committed to purchasing products when they know that the animals were treated with care. This webinar provides an overview of the on-farm practices dairy farmers focus on to make sure their cows are healthy and well cared for to ensure the delivery of high quality, wholesome dairy products. The session also highlights examples of how dairy farmers and their veterinarians collaborate, particularly on overall herd heath and ongoing reproduction-related issues. Presenters: Dairy farmer Susan Anglin from Triple A Farms in Bentonville, Ark and veterinarian Dr. Gerard Cramer, associate professor of dairy production medicine from University of Minnesota.
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