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Learning about dairy farming can be as easy as ABC and 123! We want to bring the farm to you. Explore more about how dairy farmers get fresh milk to stores, schools and your fridge.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farmers work hard to provide delicious and nutritious dairy products to their local communities. See what farm life is like and how dairy farmers deliver high quality products from the farm to the store.

Get the Scoop on Farm Life
Request a Visit From a Dairy Farmer

Bring a Dairy Farmer to Your Classroom

We know dairy farmers who love to talk about dairy farming and answer questions about dairy farm life. Let us know and we will work with you to bring dairy to your classroom.

Request a Visit From a State Dairy Princess

Visit With A Dairy Princess

Dairy Princesses from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota are ambassadors for dairy farmers in their respective states. They love to talk about the role of dairy in healthy eating habits and how dairy farmers care for their cows, community and land. To request a Dairy Princess visit your event or classroom, let us know and we can help connect you to your state’s Dairy Princess.

Farm to You Resources

Find tools and resources like dairy trivia, nutrition information, coloring sheets and more in our Resource Center. Check out what’s available!


Sustainability Research

National experts cite the science to prove dairy’s role in nourishing people and the planet.

Dairy Nourishes Network

The Dairy Nourishes Network brings together food, nutrition and health professionals to discuss how dairy foods play a part in nourishing people and communities, while also being mindful of the planet.

Honor the Harvest

Honoring the Harvest is about using food for its highest purpose.