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Three Generations Growing Together on a Nebraska Dairy Farm

For more than 60 years, members of John Temme’s family have been milking cows on their dairy farm near Wayne, Neb. When John made the decision to return to the farm after college, his parents and grandparents were excited to have the fourth generation involved in the family business, but they also knew it would require careful planning, communications and investment.

Back to School on the Farm

Living on a farm is a busy lifestyle. Typical days begin before sun-up and end shortly after sun-down. Summer offers flexibility in this 24-7 schedule for dairy farm families. Days are still lengthy, but families enjoy more time for outdoor activities, working together to care for their animals, and family dinners at dinnertime (at least, more often). When August rolls around though, farmers begin preparing their family for a new routine and going back to school.

Trash Into Treasure

After the final bell rings, most high schoolers take off for an after school activity such as sports practice or debate. Senior Ben Rice, however, heads to the cafeteria to pick up a 55 gallon trash can full of that day’s food waste to take back to Prairieland Dairy, a dairy farm his family helps run.
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