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Farm to Finish Line

by Megan Sheets | Oct 20, 2017 | School | 0 comments

Fuel Up to Play 60 Chicago Marathon Team

If you’ve been following along with Andrew and Jennifer Holle’s journey, then you know that October 8 was a memorable day for these North Dakotan dairy farmers as they crossed the finish line at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Joined by the rest of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team of runners and some great supporters, the Holle’s showed us what it looks like when hard works pays off in a big way.

Enjoy a recap of the day’s highlights and watch the video below to see how this life-long journey of healthy habits have impacted their family.

Before the sun came up, the Holle’s met up with the rest of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team and with milk in hand, they made their way to the starting line together. We asked the Holle’s how today’s run would be different from the dozens of runs that led up to this race. “The people!” they exclaimed. Surrounded by miles of cornfields back home, the sea of cheering crowds in Chicago made for an exciting change of scenery and provided a motivating atmosphere to conquer the 26.2 miles while attempting to set a personal record!

The Holle’s took off at about 8:30 a.m. winding through the beautiful Chicago neighborhoods on a gorgeous, sunny, fall day.

At the halfway point, the Holle’s were still all smiles, no doubt with the help of the cheering fans that lined the street. Fitness certainly doesn’t come easier to the Holle’s than anyone else, but they’ve adopted a mindset that exercise can be enjoyable and that it can be fun to set new goals, participate in activities and stay moving together.

Chicago Marathon Runners Start
Chicago Marathon Halfway

The race certainly had its challenges – the sun warmed up the city for the last ten miles and Jennifer and Andrew fought hard to keep their mind focused, even playing little games in their head like counting their steps, spelling their kids names one by one, or channeling the energy of their one of their rambunctious dogs.

Perseverance led them to the finish line and they celebrated their great accomplishment together. “The finish line is important,” Andrew Holle tells us. “But what’s more important is all the miles that we put in, and the commitment we’ve made to the healthy eating choices, that have established life-long habits as a family.”

That commitment led the Holles to accomplishing a goal like this. Fitness is a lifestyle for the Holle family, and while this finish line was a helpful way to stay motivated, their true inspiration is their kids – setting a good example for the next generation and passing on a legacy of hard work, discipline and strength that’s worth fueling up for.

Chicago Marathon Fans
Chicago Marathon Fans

Not everyone will aspire to run a marathon, but Jennifer and Andrew hope to inspire others to show up for themselves and their families – to set goals, to put in the time and the effort and experience the joy of healthy living.

Thanks Jennifer and Andrew for inspiring us with your story, and congratulations on a huge accomplishment!

Chicago Marathon Finish
Chicago Marathon Finish
Chicago Marathon Finish

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Megan Sheets
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