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Farming as a Family – Meet the Schanbachers

January 2018 | Iowa | 0 comments

Farm Family

Brian Schanbacher has been dairy farming ever since he can remember. He grew up working alongside his parents and grandparents on his mom’s home farm; a farm that has been in his family for more than 150 years. Brian and his wife, Kristen, now have the same opportunity to dairy farm alongside his parents and raise their family in Iowa.

“I remember sitting on the fence with my cousin when we were about seven talking about how we didn’t think we wanted to farm like our dads,” said Brian. “Now we are both milking cows on our own farms.”

Brian enjoys working with cows and having the opportunity to raise his family on the farm. “It is a great place to raise a family,” said Brian. “You learn a lot through your experiences on the farm.”

Brian and Kristen have two children, Brilynn who is four, and Tryce who is two. Both enjoy being outside and helping with chores. They like helping feed calves, riding in the tractor and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.

“My mom’s dad always had a pack of candy in the vehicle when he came to the farm and we would go running when we saw him arrive,” said Brian. “Now my kids enjoy spending time with my dad getting special treats.”

Brian’s parents Merlyn and JoAnne are still a big part of the farm. In 1999 Merlyn began exploring the use of robots to milk cows. “My dad always looks for the latest innovation and he enjoys using the latest technology to help us provide the best care possible for our cows.”

The Schanbacher Farm now has two robots that allow their cows to be milked whenever they want, which provides Brian and his family more flexibility to spend time taking care of other chores around the farm or spending more time with the family.

“I hope my children have the chance to farm if they want to,” said Brian. “It’s rewarding raising a calf and watching it grow and develop into a cow.”

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