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Five Reasons Why We Celebrate Dairy Farm Moms

by Sami Carter | May 11, 2017 | Farm | 0 comments

Five Reasons Why We Celebrate Dairy Farm Moms

It’s not lost on me how quickly a year passes when watched through the lens of a young child. Last year, the newness of motherhood was on my mind. I introduced you to new dairy farm moms and grandmothers making Mother’s Day memories. Now my motherhood journey has me navigating toddler-hood with a curious little girl. Thankfully the #dairymom tribe is here for me and you. Being a part of this online community allows us to share our passion for food, family, and it is fun to share our experiences  like this post about my daughter Lauren’s “big girl” bowl of cereal.

This week I’m thinking about the dairy farm moms in my life. Our day-to-day is different and even though we live miles a part, motherhood unites us. These five moms put into words why they love being a dairy farm mom. Their honest reflections are my reasons to celebrate dairy farm moms and motherhood.

Dairy Farm Mom Sheri Atteberry

I could not imagine my life without my husband, two daughters, and the rest of our girls, which happen to be cows. I have the two most amazing daughters one could ask for and I cherish every moment we have spent together on our farm teaching them valuable life lessons.

Our dairy farm provides more than food on our table and money in our pocket, it provides my husband and I a place where we can teach our daughters the value of hard work, responsibility, respect for agriculture, and that sleeping in is not an option on a dairy farm!

Sheri Atteberry

Atteberry Dairy in Conway, Mo.

Dairy Farm Mom Karen Bohnert

As a dairy farm mom to my three children— Tyler, 12; Cassie, 10; and Jacob, 6, I have the pleasure of watching my children work alongside two older generations, and learn firsthand the dividends earned from hard work, commitment and sacrifice. They witness seeing baby calves born daily, view crops grow, and watch a family dairy business thrive because it was cultivated by love and passion. Watching your children’s spine straighten, character build, heart bloom and smile widen because of being raised on our family dairy farm, makes me realize I’m extremely blessed to have the best job out there; that of a dairy farm mom.

Karen Bohnert

Bohnert Jerseys in East Moline, Ill.

Dairy Farm Mom Pam Bolin

Life has been good to me. I enjoy being a dairy farm mom, but I also have been raised by two dairy moms!! Let me explain.

I grew up on a dairy farm where my mom was very much a partner. I saw her love for God, my Dad, her three children and our dairy cows every day. It is just part of her character! Just up the road was a neighbor lady and great family friend who shared all these values. Both inspired me! She became my mother-in-law more than 38 years ago. I am doubly blessed!! Thanks “Moms”!

Pam Bolin

Beaver Creek Farm in Clarksville, Iowa

Dairy Farm Mom Mary Mackinson Faber

Ava and Eli,

I am Thankful to God – for allowing me to be your Mom. I am Blessed to be able to participate in this amazing journey and helping me realize what is important. I am Changed but changed for the better. I am Grateful.

I want you to have a happy and amazing life, one filled with giggles, smiles and memories. You are only going to be little for a while and I need to step back and enjoy every aspect of being your Mom, even the challenging moments.

Because I am your Mom; I’m happier, stronger, braver and so incredible proud.



Mary Mackinson Faber

Mackinson Dairy Farm in Pontiac, Ill.

Dairy Farm Mom Heidi Lantzky

I loved being a dairy mom and raising our two daughters on the farm. The girls were very active on the farm and in the dairy community. But the one thing that is even better than being a dairy farmer and farm mom is being a dairy GRANDMOM! All the fun and a lot less work! Our three-year-old grandson Colton is just like his mom – cow lover!

Heidi Lantzky

HeiBri Jerseys in Hawkeye, Iowa

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Sami Carter
Midwest Dairy

I'm an ambassador for dairy farmers and an advocate for enjoying all dairy foods. Since 2009, I've been a social voice for Midwest Dairy Association. You'll often find me tweeting, pinning or taking photos to share on Midwest Dairy's social media channels. Similarly, I provide tools, training and resources to help dairy farmers tell their story using social media.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and adventures, learning new culinary skills, volunteering and running for Team Dairy.

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