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For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals

by Theresa Reps | February 8, 2017 | Farm | 0 comments

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 1
You’ve heard of barn weddings, but have you heard of dairy farm proposals? These couples combined their love of the farm with their love for each other, proving that every couple gets their dairy-tale ending.
For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 2

Tyler and I met through 4-H and he proposed during our county fair week. We both had younger siblings who were still involved in 4-H and had spent the morning at the Dakota County Fair. We stopped at his parents on the way to the Goodhue County Fair as he had to “check on a sick cow”. I waited at the house and when Tyler came back, he told me we needed to check on a cow that might be calving. We went up to the dry cow pen and he had me go into the barn to open the gate to move the cow inside. Once I was inside he decided the cow was fine but we should go look at the new equipment in the shed before we left for the fair. As we were walking over he stopped to look at the front of the barn, I turned, saw it and turned back to find him on his knee. In reality the “sick cow” was him needing to paint the barn and the “cow having trouble calving” got me out of the way for him to grab the ring box. We spent the rest of the day sharing the news with our family and friends (and chasing the neighbors cows that got out.) We now live in the house on the dairy looking out the front window at the barn, still spray painted.

Kelsey Otte

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 3

My fiancé and I got engaged December 9, 2016 when we were milking cows! It was the best way for him to ask because we were in the barn where we spend most of our time together! I’m in my last semester of college, going to be a veterinarian technician, and it’s really nice to be able to come home and help him milk and do chores. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us on the farm❤️

Hanna Harakel

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 4

Jake and I have been together just over four years now. Everyone asked me if I was surprised by the engagement and my response is “yes, I gave up hope two years ago!” When I began coming around, I soon learned that Jake’s  favorite cow, Moonlite, and I shared a birthday. So the first year I baked a cake and and let Jake write on it and that began the tradition of the cake saying “Happy birthday Moonlite & (also) Jade.” This year I forgot all about making the cake and was out for a drink on my birthday and received a text from Jake asking when I would be home because we had a picture to take. Confused, I asked the company I was with “Do you think he really baked a cake?” He’s never done that and I know I didn’t have a cake mix in the house! So I responded “Ok, we will finish our drink and be home.” He told me to tell Tammy and her daughter Anne (the ones I was out with) to stop in for a piece of cake. When we went to take the picture Moonlite was laying down so I was trying to be slow and calm so she didn’t get up and wasn’t paying attention to Jake! I turned around and he was down on one knee holding the cake.

Jade Jensen

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 5

Micah and I both graduated from college over the weekend – Micah from Arkansas State and the University of Minnesota for me. Micah told me he was driving from Arkansas back home to Cheyenne, Wyoming. While I was in Little Falls getting acquainted with the school I would teach at the next year, Micah was actually driving to my home farm in Forest Lake. Micah’s secret collaborations with my little sister resulted in a perfectly limed barn and a call for me to go to the barn when I arrived home. I walked into the barn to my husband holding a bouquet of my favorite flowers. He finished his proposal with, “I know some of your best family memories were made in this barn, so I thought we could begin our own family memories here, too.”

Erin Christensen

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 6

Paul and I have always been very connected by the farm. There is a lot of fun detail in the proposal but I will give you the short version. I was so mad at him because he hadn’t proposed yet and thought he was going to the night before. On the morning he proposed, he woke me up at 5 a.m. to do chores with him. He then made me do my least favorite jobs (scraping and liming the alleyway)… then when I was done (even more mad at this point) he told me to start washing cows… I walked up to the bucket and here inside was the ring box with the most beautiful ring. I turned around he was on one knee- and asked me to marry him and I said are you serious?! Not wanting to loose the ring in the barn, I brought it up to the house so we could finish chores. When I came back down he asked if I knew why he made me scrape and lime the middle of the walk way… I had a few choice word responses… then he said “because I didn’t want to kneel down in cow crap to ask you to marry me!”

Kristy Miron

For the Love of Dairy Farm Proposals 7

What I thought were fall pictures with our brown Swiss herd turned out to be a proposal. He carved ‘marry me’ into a pumpkin and spent the whole afternoon creating this scene.

Nicole Krumrie

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