June Dairy Month – It’s a Moo-ving Experience

Cows moo-ve to the milk barn at Anglin Dairy.

Living and working on a dairy farm is a moo-ving experience. Our everyday schedule depends on our cows moo-ving to the milk barn to provide high quality milk, moo-ving to the feed barn to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and moo-ving back to the pasture for rest and relaxation. While the cows are resting, the milk is moved to the market for processing. A whole lot of moo-ving happens every day!

June Dairy Month is perfect for celebrating our moo-ving experience on the farm and how the entire dairy community moo-ves together to provide a steady supply of milk to meet the needs of all consumers. It’s also a great opportunity to bring recognition to the importance of an adequate supply of milk. According to a recent article from Dairy Herd Network, Mike Hutjens, a University of Illinois professor of animal sciences emeritus, said in 2010 the average consumer consumed 23.5 pounds of low-fat milk, 45.9 pounds of whole milk, 60.3 pounds of reduced-fat milk, 26.8 pounds of fat-free milk, 13.7 pounds of flavored milk, 33.9 pounds of cheese, 11.8 pounds of ice cream, and 5.1 pounds of butter. That’s a lot of milk moo-ving!

June Dairy Month will be celebrated by Midwest dairy farm families in a variety of ways. In fact, dairy moms, just like me, will be sharing how they celebrate June Dairy Month on their farms and in their communities here on the Dairy Makes Sense blog. In Arkansas, I’ll be celebrating the month with a tour of our dairy farm, assisting with the first Arkansas Dairy Ambassador competition and participating in Four State Dairy Days that includes a dairy cattle show and fun activities for 4-H youth and dairy farm families. June Dairy Month—the perfect time to celebrate our moo-ving experience and enjoy delicious, nutritious dairy foods!

Will you join the June Dairy Month moo-ving experience?

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Susan Anglin
I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s of science in nursing and am a registered nurse. Although I am not practicing as a nurse, I use my education every day.

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