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Keep it Merry with Dairy Traditions

by Megan Sheets | December 4, 2017 | Dairy Foods | 0 comments

Keep It Merry with Dairy Traditions Milk and Cookies

Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to feel spontaneous, have new experiences or just switch things up. However, I have found there is one consistent exception to this: the holidays. The magic of Christmas often comes from what we repeat year after year. From baking our grandmother’s famous pie recipe to watching the same classic Christmas movies over and over (guilty!) – many of us find joy in the time we reserve for family, friends and festivities.

Dairy is at the heart of many of these family traditions. A dollop of whipped cream on pie, steamed milk in hot cocoa, butter on a biscuit, milk with cookies. There is so much to love about the deliciousness of dairy foods around the holidays.

This year, we are carrying on one of our own favorite traditions: the #DairyTraditions social media photo challenge. Last year, we watched you bring the Christmas spirit to life online from homes, offices and farms across the Midwest. We enjoyed seeing your #DairyTraditions so much that this year, we’re upping our game. The grand prize of the 2017 Photo Challenge is FREE cheesecake for ALL of 2018! Yes, you read that correctly. We’re giving away free cheesecake for a year. To participate, share your photos on Twitter or Instagram from December 11-15 and use the daily photo prompts below.

Dairy Traditions Photo Challenge

Need some inspiration? Check out our Keep It Merry with Dairy Pinterest Board and search #DairyTraditions on Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to seeing your #DairyTraditions photos online! The Photo Challenge contest runs December 11- 15, 2017. Don’t forget to tag @MidwestDairy and checkout our contest rules for more information. Note: You must participate in every day of the Photo Challenge to be entered to win free cheesecake for a year. However, if you can’t participate every day, you will still be eligible for one of our runner up gift baskets.

As you celebrate good tidings and cheer, be sure to include dairy in the most wonderful time of the year!

Dairy Traditions Photo Challenge Prize Basket Photo

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Megan Sheets
Midwest Dairy

I'm a Digital Media Enthusiast and a consumer of all dairy foods (Greek yogurt is my favorite). I work with a dynamic team that inspires the ever-evolving voice behind Midwest Dairy's social channels. My mission is to share the nutritional benefits of dairy through telling the farmer-inspired #DairyGood story.

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