Love Grows Down On The Dairy Farm

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February is a perfect month to count the ways we love dairy. While my dairy farm family is working every day to produce high-quality milk for you and your family, I’m also counting our blessings as we watch love grow down on the dairy farm right before our eyes!

After dating for two years and obviously talking about getting married, Cody, our oldest son, decided that New Year’s Day would be the day to pop the question to Margaret and make it official with the gift of an engagement ring.

You would have thought we were staging a romantic movie. As director of this important event, Cody made all the plans and gave the directions—we happily played each part to make sure it was a surprise to Margaret!

The stage for this dairy farm family scene was, of course in dairy farmer style, a cow pasture. The most important prop was Margaret’s favorite old feed truck, nicknamed “Blue Door.” The characters were our farm family, Margaret’s parents and two grandmothers.

After enjoying a traditional New Year’s Day lunch, complete with black eye peas for good luck, Cody took Margaret, her parents, and the grandmothers for a tour of the farm. The minute they left, our farm family headed to the pasture to set the stage for Blue Door to appear in distress with the hood up and tools scattered on the truck bed.

Cody had painted the question “Will you be my bride?” across Margaret’s favorite blue door. It was obvious from the smile on her face when Margaret approached the truck, we had managed to make this dairy farmer-style romantic scene a complete surprise. Although we didn’t have any video or movie cameras recording our event in the pasture on the first day of the year,
Dairy Farmer Proposal
Our son, Cody, got down on one knee and proposed to Margaret on January 1, 2014. It will always be a sweet memory down on the dairy farm!

the milestone moment for my son Cody and Margaret, his bride-to-be and our soon to be daughter-in-love, will forever be a sweet memory and family milestone for this dairymom!

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