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New Dietary Guidelines Emphasize Dairy Consumption

February 2016 | 0 comments

Milk Cheese Yogurt

The final version of the 2015 federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) affirms the vital, unrivaled contribution made by dairy foods to health and reminds Americans that they will continue to benefit from three daily servings of low-fat and fat-free dairy.

The Guidelines are important because the recommendations impact school lunch, the Women, Infants and Children’s program (WIC) and other government feeding programs. They also serve as the basis for health professionals’ counsel to the public regarding diet and nutrition.

Topline highlights from the DGA which are very positive include:

  • The DGAs reinforce that three daily servings of dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt play an important role in a healthy diet;
  • Low-fat dairy foods remain a recommendation of all dietary patterns noted in the DGAs;
  • Dairy provides three of four “nutrients of concern” – Vitamin D, calcium and potassium; and
  • The DGAs do not include dietary cholesterol limits.Should you wish to join conversations, the following points are offered for you to consider and use:

Your local and national dairy checkoff staff are taking a proactive and integrated approach to share the results with health and wellness partners, industry leaders and other partners.

It’s good to see leading public officials support what we’ve known all along – that dairy foods are an important part of our diets! It’s also good to see others acknowledge that we eat foods, not nutrients. Dairy foods provide key nutrients that can be hard to replace with other foods.

Dairy foods are linked to multiple health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.Remember that the nutrition research in which dairy farmers have invested over many years have played an important role in providing the evidence which keeps dairy front and center in nutrition recommendations.

Additional information is provided in a joint industry statement from your checkoff-funded National Dairy Council, National Milk Producers Federation, International Dairy Foods Association, and the Milk Processors Education program (MilkPEP).

Sharing the DairyGood blog post Dairy in The New Dietary Guidelines through the social media in which you or your family are involved is an easy way to help us get the word out on this latest news.

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