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New Fuel Up to Play 60 Equipment Grants Awarded in Peoria

April 2016 | 0 comments

Three Peoria Public Schools were awarded funding as part of the new USDA/Fuel Up to Play 60 Equipment Grant partnership to support grab-and-go breakfast programs. The school nutrition director turned to Midwest Dairy Council and the new grants when school administrators committed to bringing breakfast to the classroom at three schools starting in April. Peoria Public Schools has had a history of implementing successful breakfast programs with funding from Midwest Dairy Council since 2012.

Calvin Coolidge Middle School, Northmoor Primary School and Trewyn K-8 School will join the schools in the district that are already participating in expanded breakfast programs.

Expanding breakfast participation in schools is important for dairy and kids’ nutrition because each breakfast served comes with a carton of milk and is often paired with cheese and yogurt, too. New breakfast options also are likely to significantly increase breakfast participation in the district, which, according to research, helps kids perform better in school.

The dairy checkoff worked closely with USDA on the equipment grant program, in order to make funds more available for breakfast in the nation’s schools.

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