North Dakota State Fair: Milkshakes and Moooore!

  • ND Dairy Goodness Wagon

North Dakota dairy farmers’ new Milkshakes and Moooore wagon doubles the capacity for making the concession’s chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes.

One of the highlights of my summer is the North Dakota State Fair. This year I’m excited to return to the fair after missing last year due to flooding, and also because Midwest Dairy will be rolling out (or rather rolling in) a new concession wagon and an education display.

The new Milkshakes and Moooore Wagon will be located in our traditional spot (south of the Dairy Barn), and continues to offer milkshakes, hand-dipped ice cream cones, milk, yogurt and string cheese. The great feature of this new Wagon is it doubles our capacity for making the concession’s chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes. As you can see, we’re ready to serve up moooore!

The Wagon is owned by North Dakota dairy farmers who produce “dairy goodness with pride.” Signage on and around the Wagon features a couple of these hard working North Dakota farm families – Andrew and Jennifer Holle of Northern Lights Dairy in Mandan, and the Alan Qual family of Qual Dairy in Lisbon.

During your visit to the fair, I highly recommend visiting the Dairy Barn, which houses the dairy cows for showing. The Dairy Barn is a ‘living classroom’ where you can see firsthand the care and pride dairy farmers take in their animals. North Dakota’s Dairy Princess, Marissa Leier, will be on hand as your tour guide. A personal tour is a great chance to learn more about where your food comes from, what a dairy cow eats, how much milk a cow produces and more about the milking process.

If you are in the Minot area July 20 – 28, please stop by the North Dakota State Fair and enjoy a delicious milkshake and visit with a dairy farmer. If the distance to Minot is too far, I encourage you to plan a visit to any of these Midwestern state fairs. What is your favorite stop at the State Fair?

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