Resources to share dairy’s sustainability story

Dairy farmers have long been dedicated to taking care of their animals and the planet’s shared resources such as air, land and water. This commitment, and the actions taken on dairy farms throughout the Midwest, play a vital role in providing sustainably produced foods that nourish people, our planet and communities.

With Earth Month around the corner – and the celebration of Earth Day on April 22 – we encourage you to share the ways dairy farmers practice environmental stewardship on their farms in April and year-round.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainably-produced foods, and farmers have the opportunity to authentically showcase the sustainable practices that they use on their farms all year, building consumer trust and loyalty.

To help farmers spread the sustainability message to their local communities, Midwest Dairy has several tools and resources for the month of April and beyond:

For Everyone:

  • Sustainability Videos:
    • Midwest Dairy created a series of five fun and educational videos to highlight and explain the many ways fairy dairy farmers practice sustainable farming methods related to land, animal care, nutrition, Net Zero Initiative and community contributions. View the videos here and feel free to share on your social media channels, e-newsletters and more.
    • Midwest Dairy strategically partners with organizations across the region to create resources that help introduce consumers to the dairy farmers producing milk in their local area. For example, Midwest Dairy recently partnered with Illinois Farm Families to produce a three-part video series featuring Hildebrandt Dairy Farm in South Beloit, Ill., and a sustainability representative from Dairy Management Inc. to discuss the farm’s sustainable practices and the dairy community’s environmental sustainability goals. Consider sharing these videos or partnering with a local organization in your area on an opportunity to share your story.
  • Farmer Stories: Dairy farmers are hard-working and innovative, especially when it comes to taking care of their animals and the environment. Most dairy farms are family-owned. Dairy farmers are also active in their local communities, helping with projects and being involved in different organizations. Get to know the farmers that produce your favorite dairy foods and see why they love what they do and how they take care of their animals, land and community.

For Farmers:

  • Community Engagement Guide: This new guide developed by Midwest Dairy provides ideas and resources for bringing dairy and your farm’s story to your community throughout the year. April is the perfect time to kick off activities like farm tours for local classrooms, inviting the media for a photo opportunity or coordinating a community tree planting event. Access the guide for more information and ideas here.
  • Undeniably Dairy Grants: Earth Month is just the starting point for telling your farm’s story year-round. Undeniably Dairy Grants are available to Midwest Dairy farmers to help turn great ideas into reality to promote how dairy is good for people, the planet and our communities. These opportunities include partnerships with other local organizations, hosting on-farm events and engaging with K-12 youth.