Dairy at Retail

Midwest Dairy offers a variety of resources and publications that keep our partners informed of key industry trends and offer insight and background about on-farm dairy and sustainability practices.

Dairy in the Market

The dairy case drives traffic and sales. Take milk, for example. Milk is the third largest beverage category today with over 95 percent household penetration and is the second most profitable area of the store with potential for growth. Midwest Dairy can help retailers increase traffic and grow sales.

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Research and Trends

In an increasingly complex, fast-moving world, Midwest Dairy helps partners remain relevant to today’s consumers by investing in consumer, category and market research to forecast trends and uncover consumer insights to share with partners.

Farmers are Committed to our Communities

Dairy farming is vital to our communities. It’s a way of life for the men and women who live and work on America’s 42,000 dairy farms. Here in the Midwest, there are 26 billion pounds of milk produced annually in Midwest Dairy’s 10 state region. That’s 12 percent of total U.S. milk production. Dairy is also essential to the health of communities across the country because it contributes jobs, income and economic vitality.

Dairy in the Midwest

Undeniably Dairy Recipes

Looking for dairy recipes? Try one of these delicious, healthy recipe options that feature your favorite dairy foods. Browse our recipes for inspiration for any occasion, palate or dietary consideration.

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Checkoff Success Stories

By building partnerships across the Midwest, checkoff is helping retailers improve their shoppers’ dairy aisle experience, which leads to a growing demand for dairy and drives the potential for increased sales.

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Retailer Resources

From research to resources that include information about trends and tools to reach consumers, the Resource Center offers tools for Midwest Dairy’s partners. Check out what’s available.

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