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Fuel Up to Play 60

The recipe for healthy kids is simple. Combine 60 minutes of physical exercise with good nutrition to build strong, healthy kids. Dairy farmers did their homework and found a program to empower youth to do both: Fuel Up to Play 60.

Hooray for Play!

Feeding Our Kids

Food is to our body as gas is to a car — it’s fuel. Each meal and snack throughout the day provides an opportunity to fuel our bodies with nutrient-rich foods that keep our bodies, including our brain, running smoothly and operating at its highest potential.

Each Meal Matters
Child with glass of milk

Feeding Our Community

Despite living in the land of plenty, hunger exists in every county and congressional district in America. Dairy foods can serve as a practical solution for the food insecure in our communities because they deliver a powerhouse of nutrition in an affordable, appealing and readily available way.

Jersey cow

Farm to School

Learning about dairy farming can be as easy as ABC and 123. For example, did you know it takes about 48 hours for milk to travel from a cow to your school lunch room? We want to bring the farm to you to help you learn more about how dairy farmers get fresh milk to your schools and your fridges.

Dairy Princess

Dairy Princess

The dairy princesses who serve in their respective state’s princess program act as goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry, educating people about the care and dedication dairy farmers take in producing wholesome, nutritious dairy foods for all to enjoy.

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