Fuel Up to Play 60

What is Fuel Up to Play 60?

Brought to you by the National Dairy Council, Midwest Dairy Council and the National Football League in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, Fuel Up to Play 60 is a school wellness program implemented in 73,000 schools across the country, including more than 12,000 schools right here in the Midwest.

Fuel Up to Play 60 encourages youth to choose nutrient-rich foods, including milk, cheese and yogurt and to play for at least 60 minutes each day. It is the key in-school program for the GENYOUth Foundation, which works with schools, communities and business partners to develop and support programs that create lasting changes in the child health and wellness arena.


Fuel Up to Play 60 and Super Bowl LII

Midwest Dairy farmers are proud to sponsor the Super School Breakfast initiative taking place during the 52 weeks leading up to Super Bowl LII. With a focus on ‘Fun, Fuel, and Fundamentals,’ the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee (MNSBHC) Legacy Fund is providing Fuel Up to Play 60 Breakfast-in-the-Classroom grants to 52 communities across the state of Minnesota. In partnership with Fuel Up to Play 60, the MNSBHC will provide the equipment and infrastructure costs necessary for schools to provide an enhanced breakfast program for students, ensuring kids start their day with a nutritious Super School Breakfast. Follow @MidwestDairy, @FUTP60 and @MNSuperBowl2018 on Twitter to see the latest Super School Breakfast updates!

Back-to-School Breakfast Rap

Fuel Up to Play 60 student ambassadors, Sophie and Hudson, know that fueling up with a healthy breakfast is what back-to-school is all about. They share that “breakfast ain’t dull” and their rhymes may leave you craving low-fat milk and cereal. Hungry for more fuel up fun? Check out some of our favorite delicious and nutritious breakfast recipes.

Meet the Student Ambassadors

Jack C - Student Ambassador - Oklahoma

Jack C. – Oklahoma

Jack is a student athlete who enjoys being active and having fun. His favorite sport is baseball and his favorite class is science.

Hudson H - Student Ambassador - Kansas

Hudson H. – Kansas

Hudson is a creative and innovative opportunist who enjoys school, music and seeks to solve problems. He enjoys playing the cello and loves lacrosse.

Maya B - Student Ambassador - Missouri

Maya B. – Missouri

Maya loves her writing and language classes as well as dancing and playing all kinds of sports.  In her spare time she teaches herself new dance moves to improve her dance skills.

Nathan C - Student Ambassador - Illinois

Nathan C. – Illinois

Nathan is an accomplished student who likes playing soccer with his friends. This year Nathan and his school worked to start an annual garden, planting vegetables and flowers for the students to enjoy.

Sheyenne G - Student Ambassador - North Dakota

Sheyenne G. – North Dakota

Sheyenne is a very involved student in her high school and community. She volunteers at Prairie Paws, a local animal shelter, plays softball and runs cross country.

Grace L - Student Ambassador - Illinois

Grace L. – Illinois

Grace loves ice skating and playing volleyball. Outside of sports, Grace also enjoys building robots on her school’s robotics team. She has been involved with Fuel Up to Play 60 for three years.

Olivia E - Student Ambassador - Iowa

Olivia E. – Iowa

Olivia is involved in gymnastics, softball, swim team, dance, basketball and track.  Her appreciation for academics and music has led her to study the violin, French horn and advanced math and reading.

Mateo P - Student Ambassador - Nebraska

Mateo P. – Nebraska

Mateo is a hardworking student who enjoys biking, fishing and playing football with his friends.  He plays two instruments, piano and viola, and likes to play basketball and throw shot put in track.

Cristian G - Student Ambassador - Minnesota

Cristian G. – Minnesota

Cristian is a hardworking student who loves reading, soccer and wrestling.  Outside of school, Cristian enjoys riding his bike and spending time with friends.

Abigail F - Student Ambassador - Arkansas

Abigail F. – Arkansas

Abigail’s favorite sports are softball and cross country. Her favorite subject in school is English because she loves reading and writing.

Ava K - Student Ambassador - Missouri

Ava K. – Missouri

Ava is an active student who loves to dance and play field hockey. She enjoys subjects like math and language arts. In her spare time Ava also enjoys running and water skiing.

Bailey F - Student Ambassador - South Dakota

Bailey F. – South Dakota

Bailey is an outdoor enthusiast who is very active in her community and school.  She is active in basketball, volleyball, soccer and rodeo.

Meet the NFL Player Ambassadors

Adam Thielen – Minnesota Vikings

Adam Thielen is Wide Receiver for the MN Vikings and wears jersey number 19. This is Adam’s first year as a Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL Ambassador but he is very familiar with the program and attended the National Student Ambassador Summit in 2017.

Sam Acho

Sam Acho – Chicago Bears

Sam Acho is an outside linebacker with the Chicago Bears and wears jersey number 49. Sam is very familiar with Fuel Up to Play 60 and served as a Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL Ambassador for his former team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Dustin Colquitt – Kansas City Chiefs

Dustin Colquitt is the punter for the Kansas City Chiefs and wears jersey number 2. Dustin has served as the Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL Ambassador for several years and will continue that role for at least the next two years.

Program Highlights & Success Stories

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