Student Ambassadors

Champions for Change

Fuel Up to Play 60 student ambassadors demonstrate a passion for taking control of their health and wellness and encouraging their fellow students to do the same. They are not only actively engaged and involved in Fuel Up to Play 60, but are leaders among their peers, working to improve physical fitness and nutrition habits within their schools.

Sophie S. – Kansas

Sophie is a peppy, bright, and enthusiastic student. She studies hard, manages her time wisely, and is a great problem solver. She’s a huge sports fan and enjoys playing sports as well. Sophie is a natural born leader and thrives in Fuel Up to Play 60.

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Macy S. – North Dakota

Macy works hard to achieve her goals through problem solving and determination. She’s upheld a 4.0 GPA while participating in sports and other school activities. Fuel Up to Play 60 has taught her not only how to be a leader, but to better herself through everyday routines like eating healthy and being active.

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Lauren P. – Missouri

Lauren is a bright, kind, and outgoing student who loves to read, play softball and watch her favorite Chicago sports teams, especially the Cubs and Bears. She plays the violin, cheers for her school’s football team, and travels in the summer with her premier softball team.

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LaDainian L. – Illinois

LaDainian is an intelligent student who loves math and basketball. He is a dedicated basketball player who works hard at being the best as well as being a part of a team called IMPACT in the AAU League. He participates in Fuel Up to Play 60 to get himself and others to stay active and eating healthy.

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Jarron D. – Oklahoma

Jarron has enjoyed participating in Fuel Up to Play 60 since elementary school. He enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, especially during summer. Jumping on the trampoline, playing catch, and jogging are just a few of the activities he likes.

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Dustin H. – South Dakota

Dustin likes playing football, basketball, baseball, and enjoys being in Boy Scouts. His favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings. When Dustin gets older he wants to be a NFL football player.

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