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The BEST Forgotten Dairy Product

by Theresa Reps | Sep 21, 2017 | Dairy Foods | 4 comments

Cottage Cheese

When it comes to dairy products everyone thinks of the common ones, milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt. While all of those sound amazing, everyone forgets about the best dairy product…..COTTAGE CHEESE!

Cottage Cheese with Fruit

Seriously, how has society forgotten about one of the world’s most beautiful foods? Some may tell you cottage cheese is gross or looks funny, but don’t listen to that type of negativity. Cottage cheese is wonderful for so many reasons but I will sum it up in three points.

1. Versatility

Cottage cheese goes with everything! You could serve it as a dip. You can put fruit on it. You can add it to lasagna. If you are like me, you can even add hot sauce to it (don’t knock it until you try it).

Cottage Cheese Dip

2. Protein

Who doesn’t like extra protein? Cottage cheese has lots of protein that can help you stay full longer. I swear I eat cottage cheese almost every day as a snack, side to a main meal or for breakfast. It is also much healthier than many other options.

Young Theresa with Cottage Cheese

3. It Tastes Good

Obviously the most important reason to love cottage cheese is because it is delicious. I have loved cottage cheese ever since I was little. My mom said it was the one thing I always wanted as a toddler.

I love cottage cheese so much that I participated in a cottage cheese eating contest at the Minnesota State Fair, not to win but to get free cottage cheese.

Cottage Cheese-Eating Contest

Now I know I probably didn’t convince all of you, but hopefully when you go to grab your next dairy snack you give cottage cheese an extra thought!

What’s your favorite dairy product that you think needs a little more love? Share in the comments below!

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Theresa Reps
Agricultural Affairs Manager at Midwest Dairy

I’m a dairy fan from the cow to the delicious cheese, milk and yogurt. I grew up on my family’s dairy farm and now I work on behalf of farmers in the Midwest. I focus on creating quality content that showcases how farmers work to create the products we all enjoy (cottage cheese is my favorite).

In my spare time, I enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings, spending time with my family and judging dairy cattle shows.

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