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The Secret to a Cheesy Valentine’s Day is Easier Than You Think

by Sami Carter | February 8, 2018 | Dairy Foods | 0 comments

It's Always Been Moo

I love to love. My heart feels full when I keep my favorite people, food and heart-fulfilling activities near and dear. Does that sound cheesy? Maybe. Still, I think it’s accurate for those who know me IRL. I’d rather be called cheesy than to not have any cheesiness in my life. We can agree to disagree on cheesiness, but what may be more surprising is I believe sharing and showing love is not exclusive to February 14. It’s just a bit more exciting with all the hearts and arrows, reds, pinks, cards and sweets for a little extra lovey dovey. Hang on, I’m getting to…

The Secret

MOO-velous Valentines to Share, Send and Print

Because Valentine’s Day is a little extra lovey dovey, it’s a great time to also be a little cheesy. Midwest Dairy created an Undeniably Dairy collection of valentines to help you succeed at both! Save and send a valentine(s) to your heart’s content. And when you share and tag your cheesy friend or sweetie, use #UndeniablyDairy – Midwest Dairy and I want to see the dairy love!

I Adore You Because You're Cheesy
Oh Cheese Won't You Be Mine
Udderly Head Over Hooves for You
It's Always Been Moo
You Make Me Pour My Heart Out

But Wait’s There’s MOO-re

Surprise Drop

If your sweetie doesn’t use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, not to worry! Print a valentine and tag it to the cheese stick or yogurt waiting to be packed for tomorrow’s snack break. Or leave it in the car, taped to the bathroom mirror or at the coffee pot… you get the idea.

Party Planning

Have you already scoured Pinterest for creative valentine ideas? Well, I propose these valentines would make your table display udderly adorable. They’re cheesy and fun for any party you host in February. Midwest Dairy registered dietitian Alyson Fendrick shares more ideas on Pinterest.

Tasty Dairy Dishes

This blog is called Dairy Makes Sense, so it just makes sense dairy foods are one last cheesy idea for Valentine’s Day. Go the traditional cheesy route, like a hot and sweet grilled cheese or go fancy with brie topped with apricot chutney. Personally, I’ll defer to the chocolate berry smoothie. It looks like love (and only 3 ingredients) … which I think is perfectly cheesy.

If you’re not already, follow along for more cheesiness! You can find Midwest Dairy on TwitterFacebookInstagram, Pinterest and YouTube – just a few spots for Midwest farmers’ stories, recipes, nutrition tips, farm photos and more.

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Sami Carter
Midwest Dairy

I'm an ambassador for dairy farmers and an advocate for enjoying all dairy foods. Since 2009, I've been a social voice for Midwest Dairy Association. You'll often find me tweeting, pinning or taking photos to share on Midwest Dairy's social media channels. Similarly, I provide tools, training and resources to help dairy farmers tell their story using social media.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and adventures, learning new culinary skills, volunteering and running for Team Dairy.

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