South Dakota Dairy Princess

The South Dakota Dairy Princess represents dairy farmers in South Dakota and attends numerous events with the goal of connecting with consumers.

South Dakota dairy princess coronation.

Ytsje Andringa, 2019-20 South Dakota Dairy Princess

The South Dakota Dairy Princess has served as the state’s official goodwill ambassador for the dairy industry for 63 years. Daughters of dairy farmers or dairy farm employees, or young women who work on dairy farms, are eligible to seek the title. The dairy princess typically makes appearances at consumer events, provides media interviews and helps to inform people about dairy farmers’ dedication to their work, as well as communicating the importance of dairy products in our diet.

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2019 South Dakota Dairy Princess Rules

2019 Dairy Princess Application

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The South Dakota Dairy Princess is an ambassador for dairy farmers in her state. She loves to share information about the role of dairy in healthy eating habits and how dairy farmers care for their cows, community and land.

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