Dairy on the Air

Dairy on the Air

Dairy on the Air—it’s your podcast for all things dairy!

Dairy on the Air is a podcast produced by Midwest Dairy, featuring relevant conversations about issues and trends in the dairy community. Join Midwest Dairy CEO Lucas Lentsch as he talks with dairy farmers, industry experts and others about trends and issues impacting the dairy industry.

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Episode 11: Developing Future Leaders

Much like dairy farmers who are committed to youth programming and providing safe and nutritious products to consumers of all ages, Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, joins Midwest CEO, Lucas Lentsch to discusses his constant commitment to nutrition, training and youth development.

Episode 10: The Power of Partners: Collaborating to Meet the Needs of Consumers

Partnerships are paving the way to meeting consumers’ needs and boost dairy sales. Listen in as Marilyn Hershey, Dairy Management Inc. board chair, shares stories that showcase how collaborations with companies such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Dominos are building consumers’ trust in dairy and driving demand.

Episode 9: A Look at the Big Picture for Dairy

Listen in as Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management, Inc. and Lucas Lentsch, CEO of Midwest Dairy, discuss how checkoff is working to take advantage of new opportunities for dairy.

Episode 7: Dairy Research and Sustainability in Action

Hear how the investment in nutrition research is building knowledge and insights to create new opportunities in dairy. Join Dr. Greg Miller, from the National Dairy Council, Allen Merrill, dairy farmer and Midwest Dairy Board Chairman and Lucas Lentsch, Midwest Dairy CEO, as they discuss the results of dairy research and sustainable nutrition.

Episode 5: Building Relationships with Global Consumers

Continuing the discussion on export opportunities, Midwest Dairy CEO, Lucas Lentsch, visits with Nebraska dairy farmer and Dairy Management Inc. board member, Lowell Mueller, about his recent trade mission trip to Japan and Hong Kong, his observations about exports and the opportunities for the dairy industry.

Episode 4: Driving U.S. dairy demand around the globe

With 95 percent of the world’s population living outside the United States, there is tremendous opportunities for U.S. dairy in the global market. Join Midwest Dairy CEO, Lucas Lentsch, and Tom Vilsack, President and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council as they discuss how checkoff is driving demand globally.

Episode 3: Around the Table: Connections and Conversations

Food is a love language. Sharing and enjoying a meal together helps people connect with each other. Listen in as Midwest CEO Lucas Lentsch, food influencer Lauren Lane and dairy farmer Adriane Heins share their new perspectives following the Bringing Dairy to Life event in Kansas City that brought foodies, social influencers, chefs and dairy farmers together for connections and conversations.
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