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Promotional materials are available to dairy farmers who provide funding to Midwest Dairy in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Eastern Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Promotional materials are designed for farmers to use with consumers on and off their farm connecting on shared values and bringing dairy to life! Questions? Contact the Producer Service Center.

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Items Available To Order

"Did You Know..." Poster Set

“Did You Know…” Poster Set

Give everyone something to remember with these did you know fun-facts about all-things dairy. The set includes four different posters.

Coloring Books

Coloring Books

A coloring adventure ideal for grades K-6 that features a did you know fun-fact on each page. Minimum order of 50 books.



Put the MOO into SMOOthies with this bookmark featuring a smoothie recipe and helpful dairy tips. Minimum order of 100 bookmarks.

Dairy Cow Hat

Dairy Cow Hats

Share your love for cows with everyone using these cow hats that fold and latch to accommodate dairy enthusiasts of all ages. Minimum order of 50 hats.

Farm Tour Booties

Farm Tour Booties

These waterproof booties will help protect your farm and keep your visitors clean on dairy tours and events. Minimum order of 50 pair of booties.

Novelty Item

Novelty Item

This will be chosen by Midwest Dairy based on event and age description provided below. If you have specific ideas, share them in the comments below.

Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story

An internal pocket-sized guide to answering some of those tough questions. May include 1 booklet per order.

Order Form

  • Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.
  • All requests are subject to Midwest Dairy review and availability.

Number of Each Item

"Did You Know..." Poster Set (set of 4)

Coloring Books (available in increments of 50)

Bookmarks (available in increments of 100)

Dairy Cow Hats (available in increments of 50) Backordered - expected to be available June 1.

Farm Tour Booties (available in increments of 50 pair)

Novelty Item (total number requesting and add ideas in the comments below)

Telling Your Story
Include 1 booklet with order

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Processor / Co-op (Where do you ship your milk)

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Total Number Students Grades K-12

Total Number Consumers Aged 22-72

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Farmer Calling Cards

Customize your own calling cards which will give consumers an opportunity to connect with you on all-things dairy. Each farm can create up to four different cards.

Farmer Calling Cards

Additional Resources

DAIRY FLAIR to Wear and Share

Undeniably Dairy items are available to purchase on your own through the DMI store including bags, apparel, drinkware, magnets, journals, wristbands and more.

Dairy Flair

Midwest Dairy Apparel

Do you love the I ♥ MILK, CHEESE THE DAY and DAIRY IS IN THE AIR shirts? You can order them directly through Julie Irish Parrow with Spartan Promotional Group at or 651-731-7373.

Midwest Dairy Apparel

School Resources

Discovery Education has partnered with National Dairy Council and America’s dairy farm families to bring 5th-8th grade classes behind-the-scenes of the dairy community! Resources include a Virtual Field Trip, a 360° video experience and an interactive 360° hot spot image with accompanying activities and educator guides. Visit them online at

Discover Dairy is an interactive, cross-curricular educational series that meets common CORE standards for math, science and reading. The lesson series shows upper elementary and middle school students where milk comes from and how dairy farmers contribute to our world. Visit them online at

DairyGood Resources

All things dairy are available on the website including articles, messaging, recipes and more.

Midwest Dairy Resources

Additional messaging, toolkits, videos and webinars are available through the dairy resource center at

Design / Logo Assistance

If you are working on a project or event and could benefit from existing templates/logos that you see, please let the Producer Service Center know and we’d be happy to share our resources.

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