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Board Leadership

Charles Krause, Chair

Charles Krause, of Krause Holsteins, located in Buffalo, Minnesota, is the chair of Midwest Dairy. Krause Holsteins is a multigenerational dairy farm that first began in 1959 and currently milks around 350 cows. The Krause family has been farming in Wright County for over 150 years, and Krause himself is a fifth-generation farmer. Krause and his wife, Robyn, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1991 and then had the opportunity to join the family farm full-time. Krause also farms with his son, Andrew, and his daughter, Morgan, helps wherever needed. Krause grows his own feed on 500 acres.

Krause plays a prominent role in the dairy promotion industry. In addition to serving as Midwest Dairy chair, he has been an officer on the Midwest Dairy division board since 2007 and a member of the corporate board since 2010. His past officer position includes being the corporate board first vice chair since 2016. He also serves on the United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA) board as the Secretary and serves the Global Dairy Platform as a United States Ambassador.

In the past, Krause has received recognition as:

  • Farmer Communicator of the Year award from the National Milk Producers Federation
  • National Dairy Shrine Progressive Dairymen of the Year
  • Minnesota Milk Producer of the Year
  • Dairy Farmers of America Members of Distinction
  • Minnesota FFA Hall of Fame Inductee

Krause is also involved in a variety of dairy and community leadership positions such as Dairy Farmers of America-Central Area Council Vice Chair, Centra Sota Cooperative Board of Directors and the Buffalo FFA Alumni. In his spare time, Charles enjoys traveling with his wife, Robyn.

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Corey Scott CEO Headshot

Corey Scott, CEO

Corey Scott is the CEO of Midwest Dairy, the dairy promotion organization that works on behalf of dairy farm families across 10 Midwestern states to build trust and demand for dairy products. Scott is the organization’s fourth CEO in its nearly 25-year history. Her long-standing service to dairy farmers throughout her career has allowed Scott to see firsthand the passion farmers show for their cows, the environment, and their communities. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead such a respected checkoff organization.

Scott joined Midwest Dairy in March of 2024. Prior to Midwest Dairy, Scott served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Athian and held several leadership positions for over 15 years with Land O’Lakes and its sustainability division, Truterra LLC. Currently, she resides in Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota. Scott received her Executive MBA and undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota and the Carlson School of Business. Notably, in 2023, she was selected as one of GreenBiz’s 12 Women Cultivating Sustainable Food Systems and earned a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for her work in reducing dairy’s overall environmental footprint.

In her role as CEO, Scott supports the Midwest Dairy Board and provides strategic guidance to Midwest Dairy’s staff as they work to fulfill both the organization’s vision to bring dairy to life and its mission to give consumers an excellent dairy experience. Scott’s passion for sustainability fuels the organization’s commitment to consumer-centric goals, driving sales and building consumer trust in dairy. Through her leadership, Midwest Dairy maximizes dairy farmers’ investment in the dairy checkoff by strategically collaborating with and through partners and focusing on research, leading to the development of products that meet the needs of today’s changing consumer.

Within this position, Scott plays the lead role in ensuring the Midwest dairy industry captures its share of the growing global and domestic demand for dairy. Consumers in the U.S. and worldwide are increasingly turning to dairy foods because they taste great and offer a strong nutritional profile that includes protein, a nutrient many seek. The U.S. dairy industry is committed to sustainable nutrition, a position recognized favorably among domestic and multinational food companies.

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Corporate Board Officers for 2024

Midwest Dairy is directed by a 35-member dairy farmer Corporate board with 11 of those members serving on Dairy Management Inc.’s national board.

Corporate Board members include Dan Hotvedt, First Vice Chair; Charles Krause, Chair; Rita Young, Secretary; Bill Deutsch, Second Vice Chair; and Matt Schelling, Treasurer.

Division Board Leadership

Midwest Dairy has 8 Division boards with leaders representing the farmers in their areas.

illinois division officers

2024 Illinois Division

Illinois Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Doug Block, Pearl City
  • Bill Deutsch, Sycamore
  • Kristi Dinderman, Orangeville
  • Frank Doll, Pocahontas
  • Bryan Henrichs, Breese
  • Amy Hildebrandt, South Beloit
  • David Jarden, Staunton
  • Kurt Johnson, Greenville
  • Kappy Koch, Tremont
  • Donald Mackinson, Pontiac
  • Glen Meier, Ridott
  • Craig Meng, Freeburg
  • Brent Mueller, Garden Prairie
  • Steve Obert, Orangeville
  • Toby Probst, Wheeler

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Bill Deutsch
  • Vice Chair – Brent Mueller
  • Secretary – Amy Hildebrandt
  • Treasurer – Glen Meier
Iowa Division Officers 2024

2024 Iowa Division

Iowa Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Lee Maassen
  • Vice Chair – Jonna Schutte
  • Secretary – Dan Dietzenbach
  • Treasurer – Pam Bolin

2024 Minnesota Division

Minnesota Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Kristine Spadgenske
  • Vice Chair – Kate McAndrews
  • Secretary – Mindi Arendt
  • Treasurer – Rita Young
Mo-Kan Division Board Members

2024 Mo-Kan Division board

Mo-Kan Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Darren Benfer, Longford
  • Ted Bruemmer, Jefferson City
  • Lynda Foster, Fort Scott
  • Brian Haverkamp, Seneca
  • Chris Heins, Higginsville
  • Byron Lehman, Newton
  • Orville Miller, Hutchinson
  • Tom Oelrichs, Mora
  • Steve Ohlde, Linn
  • Alex Peterson, Trenton
  • David Rottinghaus, Seneca
  • Steve Strickler, Iola
  • Donna Telle, Uniontown
  • Heidi Wells, Milton

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Byron Lehman
  • Vice chair – Steve Ohlde
  • Secretary – Donna Telle
  • Treasurer – Orville Miller
Nebraska Division Officers 2024

2024 Nebraska Division

Nebraska Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Mike Amen, Norfolk
  • Greg Bleeker, Emerson
  • Jodi Cast, Beaver Crossing
  • David Crook, Humboldt
  • Paul Kononoff, PhD (Ex Officio), UNL
  • Doug Nuttelman, Stromsburg
  • Joyce Racicky, Mason City
  • Marshall Reece (Ex Officio), AMPI
  • Larry Schuster, Pickrell
  • Heath Snodgrass (Ex Officio), Orchard
  • Mary Temme, Wayne

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Joyce Racicky
  • Vice Chair – Mary Temme
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Jodi Cast
North Dakota Board Members 2024

2024 North Dakota Division

North Dakota Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Johnny Campos (Ex Officio), Cass Clay
  • Terry Entzminger, Jamestown
  • Janal Hoff, Richardton
  • Jennifer Holle, Mandan
  • Sue Kleingartner, Gackle
  • Lilah Krebs, Gladstone
  • Nathan Kroh (Ex Officio), ND Department of Agriculture
  • Kim Ledger, Bismarck
  • Casey Murphy (Ex Officio), Cows & Co. Creamery
  • Denise Rohweder, Wishek
  • Guillermo Scaglia (Ex Officio), NDSU
  • Toby Tormaschy, Richardton
  • Piet vanBedaf, Carrington

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Sue Kleingartner
  • Vice Chair – Terry Entzminger
  • Secretary – Kim Ledger
  • Treasurer – Lilah Krebs
Ozarks division board members 2024

2024 Ozarks Division

Ozarks Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Marilyn Calvin, Mt. Vernon
  • Charles Coblentz, Chouteau
  • Jack Dill, Conway
  • Earl Dotson, Marionville
  • Mark Fellwock, Monett
  • Bill Haak, Gentry
  • Randy Mooney, Rogersville
  • Carrie Rantz, Spokane
  • Nathan Roth, Mountain Grove
  • Norris Sloan, Mountain Grove
  • Scott VanZyverden, Marshfield
  • Craig Westfall, Halfway

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Nathan Roth
  • Vice Chair – Marilyn Calvin
  • Secretary – Carrie Rantz
  • Treasurer – Mark Fellwock

2024 South Dakota Division

South Dakota Division Board Members

Bold indicates Corporate Board member

  • Sanjeev Anand (Ex Officio), SDSU
  • Jogchum Andringa, Brandt
  • Riley Boadwine, Baltic
  • Dorothy Elliott, Lake Norden
  • Evan Grong (Ex Officio), Valley Queen Cheese
  • Cole Hoyer, Bruce
  • Maartje Lemstra, Humboldt
  • Kim Maher (Ex Officio), Agropur
  • Allen Merrill, Parker
  • James Neugebauer (Ex Officio), Dimock
  • Doug Ode, Brandon
  • Keven Pearson, Flandreau
  • Marv Post, Volga
  • Hunter Roberts (Ex Officio), SD Department of Agriculture
  • Kevin Van Winkle, Canistota
  • Tom Walsh, Degraff, MN

Board Officers:

  • Chair – Marv Post
  • Vice Chair – Kevin Van Winkle
  • Secretary – Maartje Lemstra
  • Treasurer – Jogchum Andrenga